Fan Art Corner: Valorant

Showcasing our favorite pieces of Valorant fan art. They may be Agents on the battlefield, but they're fashion icons online.

Fan Art Corner is a space in which we want to highlight the phenomenal artwork, creations and tributes that the people and communities around our favorite hobby share online. After covering The Last of Us Part 2 in the previous edition, this time around we’re looking at the art inspired by the intense competitive world of Valorant.

Headshots: depending on your career they can be beautiful, painful, or both. Valorant’s range of rifles can certainly generate impressive work in the right hands, but the game's cast of Agents has proven equally attractive for artists as well. We can’t exactly take a camera into the arena to snap some shots while planting the Spike, but thankfully competitive and creatively minded fans are already on the job. Valorant’s stylish lineup of Agents has inspired plenty of gorgeous pieces, so we’ve collected a few of our favorites for this installment of Fan Art Corner. If you enjoy any of the images below, be sure to check out the artists behind them!

Fan Art Corner: Valorant

Fan Art Corner Valorant excharny
Image created by ExCharny.

Unsurprisingly, as one of the main faces used to promote Valorant and a star of the Duelists animated short, Jett has received the bulk of attention from the art community. The image above was produced by Mateusz Dąbrowski, also known as ExCharny, and is a brilliant place to kick off this art collection. Be sure to check out their excellent Phoenix piece as well.

While Jett’s daggers make her a deadly force on the battlefield, plenty of other prefer to imagine what her life would be like outside of the arena. As a stylish lady, she also serves a great place to play around with different fashion styles too, as artists and Twitter users @liemnguyenart, @fufuhol, @sojyoo, show below. @MXNSTRAPPLE has even brought Sage along for the ride too!

Speaking of Sage, Valorant’s healer is another popular choice for FPS artists, and we adore the way @_candiyh has had fun with usually quite stern character, depicting her restoring her own energy with some delicious noodles. Keep up the cheery spirit, @SuiSui also shared a picture of Sage and Phoenix hanging out that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Sprinting around maps and nailing those headshots flicks means Valorant’s agents have got to keep themselves in good shape. Artist @anninosj sees no reason that can’t be combined with a bit of relaxation in the form of yoga, and has released a series of images of the Valorant cast getting their stretch on. Our favorites have to be Sage showing off her Pigeon Pose, and Reyna forming an unlikely workout partnership with the usually grumpy Omen.

Clearly a big fan of Omen, @vr_human took their love of the character and art a step further by creating 3D artwork in VR using Tiltbrush. 

As the other face of Valorant, It’s only right we give superhot start Phoenix some love too, and this enrapturing image by zhxje makes a pretty find inclusion.

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learning digital, drew phoenix from valorant! took quite a while to figure stuff out, let me know if you have any questions  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ @playvalorantofficial #valorantart #valorant #illustration #valorantfanart #digitalillustration #fanarts #fanart #phoenix #phoenixvalorant

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Finally, Sevenbees has worked on a series of hyper-realistic artworks for Valorant agents. Their Viper, Jett, Reyna and Sage pieces are all brilliant (check out their Twitter account to see them all), but the Raze and Phoenix renditions below have got to be our favorites.

Phew, That was a lot of lovely Valorant fan art! Now if only we could make their creative talent with our skills on the battlefield… Maybe one day. If you’ve seen (or created) any other brilliant Valorant art, then be sure to share it with us in the comments below. To ogle all our other Fan Art Corner roundups, click here.

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