All confirmed weapons in Halo Infinite

All the new and returning guns in Halo Infinite that we've spotted so far.

Master Chief, it's about time you woke up, because the universe has a whole bunch of new toys to play with. While we all know vehicles are secretly the best part of the Halo franchise, there's no denying that its guns are pretty solid fun as well. Our first look at gameplay of the next game in the series has also given a good view of several new and returning peashooters that Chief will get to use this Holiday season. Let's take a look at all the confirmed weapons in Halo Infinite that we've seen so far.

All confirmed weapons in Halo Infinite

All confirmed weapons in Halo Infinite
© 343 Industries

They promised us gameplay, and the new trailer certainly wasn’t short of it. The first footage of Halo Infinite in action included a full suite of weapons, with several new additions to Master Chief’s arsenal. 

Intriguingly, all the weapons appear to have distinct categories, listed whenever you have the option to pick them up. The Pulse Carbine, for example, is listed as Assault Rifle / Plasma / Burst. Whether the damage type will be a weakness for certain enemies has yet to be shown, but it’s a nice touch to tell you about the gun before you grab it.

Below you’ll find all the weapons we spotted throughout the new footage of Halo Infinite, with highlights on new guns for the series. We’ll aim to update this list when new footage is release, but so far we’re working on the only gameplay we’ve seen thus far.


Plasma Pistol

All pistols halo infinite
© 343 Industries

The poor Grunts that Master Chief opens the gameplay by unloading on are equipped with the classic Plasma pistol. Understandably, Chief doesn’t bother picking it up. It’s listed as Pistol / Plasma / Charge.

MK50 Sidekick - NEW(ish)

Halo Infinite pistols
© 343 Industries

A new pistol, but it looks like a variation of the old M6 series from previous games. If it headshots well, we can imagine keeping it around for quite some time.

Mangler - NEW

All weapons shown in Halo Infinite so far
© 343 Industries

A brand new and particularly nasty looking Banished pistol. It fires heavy shots from a chamber of 8. Looks a bit like a revolver


MA series assault rifle

All confirmed weapons halo infinite
© 343 Industries

Don’t worry purists, the classic Halo assault rifle is back. We don’t know the details well enough to spot what version of the MA series rifle this is, or if it’s a new version entirely. Surely the UNSC has updated their gear while the Chief was out floating in space? Still, if you want to make players feel at home, there’s no better weapon to start with.

VK78 Commando - NEW

Halo Infinite new guns
© 343 Industries

A new UNSC Tactical Rifle. It looks to have a slow rate of fire with heavy damage, and there’s a scope on top you can use to zoom in a little. We love the meaty thunk of each shot, and can’t wait to give this one a try., Listed as Tactical Rifle / Kinetic / Auto.

Pulse Carbine

All new weapons in Halo Infinite
© 343 Industries

An updated version of the Combine Carbine seen in previous games. Fires a short burst of plasma shots. Overheats if fired to quickly, and can be vented with RB.

BR55 Battle Rifle

All weapons shown for Halo Infinite
© 343 Industries

The BR55 also looks to be making a return, though we only get a brief glimpse of it in the Campaign Gameplay Trailer



Halo infinite needler
© 343 Industries

While we don’t actually see Chief use the Needler, the footage shows that this classic critical mass SMG is still in the game. Stick enough homing needles in an enemy and watch the fireworks.


CQS48 Bulldog - NEW

Halo Infinite shotgun all guns
© 343 Industries

Listed as Shotgun / Kinetic / Spread, the CSQS48 Bulldog is a new pump-action shotgun, presumably from the makers of the Bulldog SMG. It’s a video game shotgun, what more is there to say? Well, we could point out that it has a drum magazine, which should mean less time reloading.


Ravager - NEW

All gun in Halo Infinite
© 343 Industries

Listed as Launcher / Plasma / Burst, the Ravager is a brand new weapon that we see Chief grab from a heavy Banished. It unloads three balls of plasma, dealing massive damage but causing the weapon to overheat if fired too quickly. Can be vented to cool down with RB. Includes a special melee spike on the front.


Energy Sword

Halo infinite weapons energy sword
© 343 Industries

Come now, you didn’t really think we’d get a new Halo game without the Energy Sword, did you?

Other tools

  • Grappling Hook: If it worked in Doom Eternal, why not here? Chief can use this to pull himself around the map and into enemies, or to drag items to him.
  • Drop Wall: A defensive barrier that allows for one-way shooting
  • Shock device: The Campaign trailer shows off some kind of electricity deployable which stuns all enemies it passes.

Those are all the confirmed weapons for Halo Infinite so far! Spotted any others that we’ve missed? Share your secrets in the comments below!

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