How to get Woven Fiber in Grounded

Learn how to get Woven Fiber in Grounded so you can craft all the items of your dreams.

Your early time in Grounded will involve a lot of scrabbling around and attempting to figure out how many things work. The most important aspect to get to grips with is crafting, and learning how to get new recipes. Woven Fiber is a resource you’ll need to craft an axe in Grounded, making it extremely important. Thankfully, if you know what you need to do, getting Woven Fiber in Grounded is really easy. We’ve broken down all the steps you need to know below, so you can get to crafting Woven Fiber as quickly as possible.

How to get Woven Fiber in Grounded

How to get Woven Fiber in Grounded
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To get Woven Fiber in Grounded you need to collect and analyse Plant Fiber. This is a basic resource you can find all around the starting area. Look for small plants sticking out of the ground by your feet which can be grabbed by hitting E.

Once you have some Plant Fiber, take it to a Field Station science lab and use the Resource Analyzer to scan it.  Doing this will unlock the Woven Fiber recipe, which requires three Plant Fiber to craft. Create it and you’ll be well on your way to crafting the next recipe on your list.

To recap, here are the ingredients and steps required to get Woven Fiber in Grounded:

  • Collect Plant Fiber x 3
  • Analyze a Plant Fiber
  • Craft Woven Fiber

Woven Fiber is one of the most basic crafting ingredients in Grounded. It’s used in a range of recipes, making it well worth quickly learning how to get it. If you haven’t made one already, you should craft a Pebblet Axe as soon as possible after learning how to get Woven Fiber. This will then let you harvest more valuable resources needed for new buildings and upgrades.

Hopefully this guide has made it clear how to get Woven Fiber in Grounded. Be sure to head over to our game hub by clicking here to find more tips and tricks for Obsidian’s miniature survival game.

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