How to get Weed Stems in Grounded

You'll need to craft upgraded items to get Weed Stems in Grounded.

Weed Stems are a valuable resource in Grounded, allowing you to craft houses that’ll keep you safe from those pesky bugs. However, if you want to get Weed Stems in Grounded then you need to work through a few different stages of crafting. It’ll take a bit of time, but we can walk through everything you need to do to Get Weed Stems in Grounded below.

How to get Weed Stems in Grounded

How to get weed stems in Grounded
You'll need to take on a Ladybug to get Weed Stems in Grounded.
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Weed Stems are harvested from any type of plant which lists itself as a Weed when approached. One of the main sources are dandelions, though you’ll need to look upwards to spot where their globular heads are hiding. 

However, just finding a weed isn’t good enough. To harvest from a Weed, you’ll first need to craft the Level 2 Axe, also known as the Insect Axe. We’ve got a full guide for that you can read by clicking here, but the short of it is you’ll need to collect the following items: 

  • Ladybug Head x 1
  • Bombardier Part x 3
  • Spider Silk x 4

Yes, you will need to take on a Ladybug if you’re hoping to collect some Weed Stems. Once you’ve collected all of the items listed above, use a fiels station to analyze the resources and craft the Insect Axe.

With the Insect Axe at hand, all that’s left is to find yourself a weed. There are a few types, but as we mentioned earlier, Dandelions are a great source of Weed Stems, so look for one in the distance and find a path to it. Whack the base of the Weed/Dandelion a few times and you’ll cause it to fall over, splitting into several resource parts. You can now get the Weed Stems it dropped, stacking several on your shoulder at once. You’ll have to carry them back to your camp, so try to pick a safe spot to harvest them. Check the video guide by MonkeyKingHero below if you had trouble following any of the instructions we put together.

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That’s all there is to know regarding how to get Weed Stems in Grounded. It takes a bit of time to upgrade your axe, but the results are well worth it once you start putting together some permanent housing. For more Grounded content, be sure to head on over to our game hub page where all the latest news, guides and features can be found.

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