What is Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded?

The game has a mode that'll make the giant spiders more tolerable in Grounded. No images of spiders included in this guide.

In Grounded, you’ll encounter a lot of things that look absolutely massive given your tiny size and stature. Of the things you encounter in Grounded, the scariest are undoubtedly the spiders.

A lot of people have a deep fear of spiders, and seeing them tower above you can be a little overwhelming to say the least. Fortunately, Grounded offers a mode that’ll make these spiders less frightening!

What is Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded?

What is Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded
Grounded offers players an Arachophobia Mode that'll change the way spiders are presented in the game.
© Obsidian Entertainment

The developers at Obsidian Entertainment knew that some gamers may have a fear of spiders. While they put spiders into the game, they also took the time to include something called Arachnophobia Mode.

If you’re wondering what Arachnophobia Mode is, it basically allows you to adjust how spiders are presented in the game.

While you can’t turn spiders all the way off, you can make them significantly less… spider-y? To utilize Arachnophobia Mode, you’ll first need to open up your Options menu then navigate over to the Accessibility tab. There, you’ll spot Arachnophobia Mode above Colorblind Mode.

Rest assured that turning Arachnophobia Mode on won’t alter the overall experience of the game, and there’s no penalty in using it. If you need it, it’s there. If you don’t, you can ignore it and encounter the game’s big ol’ spiders in all their creepy crawly glory.

What’s interesting about Arachnophobia Mode is that, rather than turning it on or off, you’re given the option of how much or how little of the spider experience you want. It toggles from zero to five. If you turn it all the way up to five, spiders will be presented in a really weird way.

It’s hard to describe what it is you’re looking at when Arachnophobia Mode is at a five. It’s like an angry white blob which looks quite silly when you encounter it in the game. It won’t remind you of a spider in any way, shape, or form.

If you think the spider replacement at level five looks a little too weird, you can turn Arachnophobia Mode down a tad to level three or four. Adjust it to the point where you’re comfortable, then apply your changes to save them.

It’s wonderful that Obsidian Entertainment included an Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded in that they were able to make the game the way they wanted, giant spiders and all, while also ensuring everyone is able to play it. If you’re scared of spiders, you can still play Grounded thanks to Arachnophobia Mode.

Warning: Spiders are shown in the launch trailer for Grounded embedded below. Do not watch if you can't stand the sight of spiders! 

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