All Quenching Acid locations in Mortal Shell

Where to find all Quenching Acid locations so you can upgrade your weapons in Mortal Shell.

To upgrade weapons and increase their damage in Mortal Shell, you need to find Quenching Acids hidden around each of the core parts of the world. There are ten in total, giving you enough Quenching Acid to fully upgrade two weapons. Pick wisely. To help you maximise your damage, we’ve put together a quick guide to all Quenching Acid locations in Mortal Shell, which you can enjoy below!

All Quenching Acid locations in Mortal Shell

All quenching acid locations mortal Shell
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As noted above, there are ten Quenching Acids to collect in Mortal Shell, split between the main world areas of Fallgrim, Shrine of Ash, Crypt of Martyrs and Seat of Infinity. There are two in each area, with an extra couple at the Merchant in Fallgrim. Here’s where to find all Quenching Acid locations in Mortal Shell.

Fallgrim Quenching Acids

Merchant: Two Quenching Acids can be purchased from Vlas, the merchant at the top of Fallgrim tower, for 2,500 Tar.

Locked chest: One Quenching Acid is found on the main path up to Fallgrim Tower. These locked chests can only be opened during a fog event (after defeating a major boss and grabbing the Gland, read more here). Exit the door next to Sester Genessa and turn right, following the path down from the tower. The chest will be along this path.

Path to the Shrine of Ash: On the path up towards the Shrine of Ash you’ll pass several camps of enemies. One of these has a chest which contains the Quenching Acid. From Fallgrim Tower, crawl through the tunnel next to Sester Genessa.  Head left, the turn right and stick right after passing the stone pillars, passing under the fallen tree. As the path heads upwards, enter the camp on the left.

Mortal Shell Quenching Acid locations Fallgrim
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Shrine of Ash Quenching Acids

Monument of Ash: In the opening section, progress through until you’ve passed the first room filled with cages. Take the left route and enter the room with a bunch of iron maidens in (two flamey sword dudes will spawn here). Access the second iron maiden on the right to get the Quenching Acid in Mortal Shell.

Monument of Ash:In the first room with a fire-throwing demon, take the hallway on the right which leads to opening the shortcut door (you can enter via this shortcut if you’ve opened it already). Follow the path to the room with two shield knights. Access the iron maiden at the back of the room for the Quenching Acid location.

Crypt of Martyrs Quenching Acids

Abandoned Chamber: From Sester Genessa, follow the path down, sticking to the left side. When the path splits inside the crypt area, follow left. You’ll enter a larger cavern room, and again want to stick to the left, higher path to find a chest containing the Quenching Acid.

Enshrined Sanctum: You’ll need to reach the final Sester Genessa checkpoint for this acid, and beat the Enslaved Grisha. Head across the ice away from the Sester, through the snowy tunnel and up the stairs. As you reach the top you’ll find a crawl spawn on your right, next to a torch. Enter and you’ll be in a room with several ghosts, and the chest with the Quenching Acid.

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Quenching Acid Mortal Shell Seat of Infinity
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Seat of Infinity Quenching Acids

Eternal Narthyx: From the opening area, go through the doors and take the left teleporter. Run down the stairs/ramp, and to the left. Head to the back of the area, where there are a bunch of enemies around the door switch torch. Go past it, this and you’ll see some crossbow enemies standing in front of a chest with the Acid.

Dim Gate: From the next Sester Genessa location at the Dim Gate (near the lift), head up the main entrance and climb the stairs past the two warriors. Make your way up the thin staircases (be careful of the crossbows), past the first plateau room (with the big hammer dude in). Keep heading up until you reach the plateau with two teleporters at the top. Take the teleporter on the right, walk down the central ramp, then roll onto the platforms below. Keep dropping down until you reach the teleporter. Use it to reach an area with the chest containing the Quenching Acid.

Those are all the Quenching Acid locations in Mortal Shell. The only one which is a real pain is the final Seat of Infinity location, because it’s very easy to miss! For more Mortal Shell guides, you can click here to visit our game hub page which is packed with tips and tricks.

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