Aim Lab hosting Fall Guys outfit design contest

Help Aim Lab create the perfect Fall Guys outfit and win some money for your trouble.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout made waves with their Battle of the Brands charity auction. The winner wasn’t a single company or person, but rather four partners who pooled their money together into a $1 million dollar bid.

Among these partners, you had streamer Ninja, YouTube personality MrBeast, esports club G2 Esports, and FPS/TPS training sim Aim Lab.

Each of the four winners will get a custom outfit in Fall Guys, and Aim Lab has asked gamers for their help in designing the best outfit, turning it into a fun little contest with real money on the line.

Aim Lab hosting Fall Guys outfit design contest

Aim Lab hosting Fall Guys outfit design contest
Help Aim Lab craft the perfect outfit for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and win $2,500 as an added bonus.
© Aim Lab

From now until September 4, Aim Lab is hosting an outfit design contest where gamers can jump in and help Aim Lab come up with a cool design. The winner will get to see the Aim Lab outfit they helped design in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and will also win $2,500 as a nice little cherry on top.

Aim Lab is taking submissions on social media, asking participants to reply with their best outfit designs. The design needs to have Aim Lab features and colors, with the exact colors displayed as #202151 and #68C7C3.

A number of individuals have taken a stab at designing an Aim Lab outfit in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and we have to say, there are a lot of strong contenders already.

For example, you have @ImTwoPie which adds some accents to the Aim Lab template along with a laurel crown, @EstellaGalvez who added bubble ears and a bubble tail, and even a rootin tootin cowboy from @Shimapoony.

Even with these entries, it’s not over until it’s over. If you think you have the perfect Aim Lab outfit design idea you have until September 4 to throw your hat into the ring.

Even if you don’t win, it’s a fun little activity and it’s free to enter. Who knows, you could have a design wild enough to be retweeted by @OliverAge24.

So, after hearing about the Aim Lab outfit design challenge for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, what are your thoughts? Are you planning to take a stab at designing an outfit for Aim Lab? What do you think of the current entries thus far? Let us know down in the comments below!

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