Where to find the HARM Room in Marvel's Avengers

Wondering where the HARM Room is in Marvel's Avengers? We'll walk you through the Chimera to reach it.

Looking to do a bit of HARM in Marvel’s Avengers? If it’s the training kind, then you’ll want to know where to find the HARM Room in Marvel’s Avengers. This is where various tutorials and challenges take place, but it’s surprisingly confusing to find after being out in the world. Below, we’ll explain where to find the Harm Room in Marvel’s Avengers to save you from getting lost.

Where to find the HARM Room in Marvel’s Avengers

Where to find the harm room in Marvel's Avengers
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The HARM Room is located in the Chimera, accessible only once you arrive with Kamal Khan and Hulk. You’ll head there as part of the story where you’ll play a tutorial mission as Iron Man. If you need to reach the HARM Room again, all you need to do is head to the lower floor of the Hangar. 

Entering the Hangar from the upper walkway, head down the stairs on the left side, walking down until you reach the big flat level. Facing towards the hangar bay doors, take the circular door on your right. It should be next to a forklift the first time you head there, against the wall the stairs point you towards. Follow the corridor through and to the right until you reach a circular room with a control panel in the middle of it. This is the HARM Room, which you can activate to complete certain challenges.

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To get to the Hangar from the war table, head out the back door and keep going straight along past all the news rooms. You’ll read the walkway at the top of the Hangar, and be able to head down the left stairs to find the HARM Room. Still having trouble? Follow the video by Jesttara below which will walk you there.

Now that you know where to find the HARM Room in Marvel’s Avengers, you can return to it throughout the game to complete challenges for practice or various bonuses. For more tips and tricks in Marvel’s Avengers, click here to head to our game hub page.

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