Who is Tiny Dancer in Marvel's Avengers?

Find out the identity of the mysterious Tiny Dancer in Marvel's Avengers, provided you don't mind a few spoilers.

Superhero stories don’t tend to have too many big twists and turns, but Marvel’s Avengers keeps players on their toes for a while with the inclusion of Tiny Dancer, a mysterious agent who guides Kamala and the others during the early hours of the story. If you want to know who Tiny Dancer is in Marvel’s Avengers, you can either play through the story, or face some spoilers in the article below.

We’re going to restate here that the article below contains spoilers for the story to Marvel’s Avengers. If you’d rather not have any plot points ruined, we’d advise you stop reading now before we reveal who Tiny Dancer is in Marvel’s Avengers.

Who is Tiny Dancer in Marvel’s Avengers?

Who is Tiny Dancer in Marvel's Avengers
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Tiny Dancer is none other than Black Widow, one of the core Avengers team. The name Tiny Dancer refers to her childhood past as a ballet dancer. Black Widow helps Kamala and the other Avengers out through online messages for quite some time. 

Working undercover from within AIM, Tiny Dancer, AKA Black Widow, has been trying to discover what the corporation has been getting up to. She’s eventually forced to break her cover in order to help Kamala Khan out when she gets into a bit of trouble. This would be the ultimate reveal of Tiny Dancer’s identity, were you to play through the game long enough to reach it.

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The reveal of who Tiny Dancer is in Marvel’s Avengers isn’t the most exciting twist, But even though you know the character well, it’s still enjoyable to have a few surprises as you go along. We’ll stop talking here to avoid ruining any other surprises Marvel’s Avengers has in store for you. If you want more tips and tricks for the game, click here to visit the game’s hub page.

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