Fall Guys' latest update makes Slime Climb even harder

The toughest level in Fall Guys just got a whole lot meaner.

Slime Climb. It’s the level that separates the beans from the babies, and Fall Guys’ newest update has just made it a whole lot harder.

By this point, seasoned jelly beans have learned to conquer the once-dreaded tower of slime, scampering across its yellow beams and deftly dodging between rotating hammers. Or as deftly as a jelly bean can, anyway. 

Times were, the yellow beams and shifting block walls are the real killers of Slime Climb. Once you’d surpassed them, the biggest hurdle you had to face was a particularly mean-spirited player waiting at the end to try and grab you. While we’ve no doubt there will still be one or two miscreants lurking by the finish line to grab anyone they can, the real challenge comes in front of them. You see, the latest Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus update also added in some devilish reworks to our favorite levels. 

Fall Guys Slime Climb just got harder more difficult
Now this is just cruel.
© Mediatonic

Reach the final, gunge-coated run in Fall Guys’ Slime Climb and you’ll be faced with a randomly picked obstacle to overcome. Instead of giant swinging balls, we’ve encountered tightly packed and fast-moving bouncers (or as well like to call them, donut stacks), as well as a barrage of mini yeetus hammers endlessly twirling and threatening to yeet beans into the pink tides below.

Well we asked for more challenge, and developer Mediatonic has not disappointed. We’d love to see more difficult obstacle courses in addition to Slime Climb, but we’ll likely need to wait for Season 2 to get our fix there. Until then, the updates to current levels like Slime Climb are certainly a welcome change for those of us who’ve mastered the level. For the folks who’re still working towards their first crown or Slime Climb success, this is only likely to make their path even harder. Still, it’ll make your victory all the sweeter once you do manage to climb that slime. Right before another player grabs and pushes you off, of course.

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