Animal Crossing Halloween update brings pumpkins, candy and scares

Animal Crossing's Halloween update will let you hoard candy and make scary decorations from pumpkins you can grow.

Animal Crossing's Halloween update will arrive in the game on September 30, bringing with it a bucketful of seasonal scares.

In preparation for Halloween, an in-game event that will run between 5pm and midnight on October 31, you can buy candy from the cabinet in Nook's Cranny. You can also grow pumpkins and pick them to use in DIY recipes to make scary decorations for your perfectly spooky island.

On Halloween night, Jack the pumpkin-headed czar of Halloween, will arrive in the plaza and you can hand out candy to your island residents, depending on if you like their costume effort of course. A perfect night to have Lucky on your island.

The spooky season will also bring with it some new reactions for you to learn and act accordingly to your villagers' attempts to scare you. And in early October there will also be an update for the NookLink app on your phone to allow you to use reactions without having to scroll through your endless inventory of emotes. That's nice!

That's not all for free Animal Crossing seasonal updates, as late November will see yet another one to prepare your island for the coming Holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one celebration of snow, how lovely.

As an added bonus for downloading the Animal Crossing Fall Update, you'll receive an in-game Ring Fit controller so you can get in shape before giving your heart a workout with all these scares.

Are you excited for Animal Crossing's Halloween update? Has it sent a shiver up your spine, or inspired you to change part of your island to fit the theme?


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