Capcom wants to bring Resident Evil Village to PS4 and Xbox One

But they can't confirm it just yet.

During today’s Capcom Special Program as part of the Tokyo Game Show 2020, Capcom revealed brand new details about Resident Evil Village. Most notably, the studio explained that they would like to bring the game to current-generation consoles as well.

Unfortunately, given Resident Evil Village was designed explicitly as a next-gen game for Xbox Series X and PS5, it’s not a guarantee just yet. Speaking during the stream, the development team said that they hoped to be able to bring Resident Evil Village to PS4 and Xbox Series One, but they aren’t able to confirm it just yet.

Resident Evil Village ps4 xbox one release
© Capcom

The broadcast also detailed a few other details about the game itself. Resident Evil Village takes place several years after the events of Resident Evil 7, with Chris Redfield interrupting protagonist Ethan Winters’ seemingly peaceful life with his wife Mia, and forcing him to come to the titular village. As players explore the snowy environment, Capcom wants the village to feel like another main character, as it’ll be central to the game.

Beautiful yet terrifying is a phrase that came up a lot during the broadcast, and the latter certainly seems to be in place given the range of enemies shown off. The beast-like human enemies were described as fast, dangerous, and can even hunt in packs. From the looks of things, they’ll be the least of our concerns, however.

Resident Evil Village mansion xbox one ps4
© Capcom

And yes, don’t worry, Resident Evil Village will involve some form of mansion. We got a very brief look at a flame-lit lobby in the showcase, with a further and more luxurious room featuring gold-lined furniture and an impressive chandelier hanging overhead. If we had to guess, we reckon this will tie in with the witch-like collective shown in previous trailers. 

Capcom has promised much more information regarding Resident Evil Village is on the way soon. Today’s brief showcase isn’t the only look they’ll be giving as part of TGS 2020 either, with a further broadcast planned for Sunday. We’ll update you with any more information which arrives from that. For more Resident Evil Village information, head on over to our hug page for the game by clicking here.

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