New Monster Hunter movie trailer premieres

The Mila Jovovich joint has a new trailer, and it's a doozy.

Eagerly awaiting info on the upcoming Monster Hunter movie? Well, your wish has been granted! A new trailer for the film dropped today, revealing the elevator pitch for the movie's concept, and it's got some isekai energy to it.

The trailer shows Mila Jovovich's character leading some kind of military squad on a mission in the desert where they seem to be searching for another squad that's gone missing. They track their vanished peers to an area that has strange stone markers. After a freak lightning storm consumes the area and activates the markers, Jovovich and her team are transported to another world. And then a giant lizard bursts out of the ground.

Jovovich and her crew gather that the markers they found are some kind of gate, and the only way for them to return home is through it. It would seem they also need to get it closed permanently so none of the titular monsters manage to make their way through to our side of reality. 

While it seems to be taking a more realistic approach to its visuals, instead of pulling from the games it's inspired by, the over the top weapons are still present. Jovovich and crew can be seen using giant bows and swords adorned with fangs and pieces of bone once more traditional military ware like guns and bazookas prove ineffective. 

The quality of the film is still up in the air, but so far the vibes are pretty silly. Jovovich is no stranger to wild video game to film adaptations, just look at her Resident Evil pedigree, but this might be a bridge too far for some. Personally, I wish it was a little less rooted in our world and instead focused on the foundation the Monster Hunter games have already laid out. Sometimes it's better to lean into something's silliness, instead of trying to ground it in a more serious reality.


Ty is a freelance writer who bounces around the web. They love indie games, Bayonetta, and monstrous women and can be found covering all of the above. They're also the EIC and resident thembo of Uppercut.

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