How to get more Wishes in Genshin Impact

Here's all the ways to get more Wishes in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is not only an open world RPG, it's also a gatchapon game, which means you get characters, weapons and items randomly from the game's digital capsule machine. Wishes are essentially the tokens you use to take a pull on the machine for rewards, so you want as many as possible to improve your odds of getting decent characters and equipment. There are a few different ways to get more Wishes while you play, and this guide covers all of them!

How to get more Wishes in Genshin Impact

How to get more wishes in genshin impact
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The overall process of getting Wishes is kind of convoluted, but basically you can trade Primogens, the in-game currency for them. To buy Wishes with Primogens, go to the Shop tab and select Paimon's Bargains. A Wish from either the Intertwined or Acquaint Fates will run you 160 Primogens. There are a few different ways to get more Primogens, and we've listed them all here!

Buy them with real money

As with all gatcha games, the easiest way to get more pulls is going to be to buy them with real money. Now you can't buy Wishes directly, you have to buy Genesis Crystals first, which can in turn be exchanged for Primogens. You can do this by navigating to the Shop tab in the main menu and selecting Crystal Top-Up. 

At Adventure Rank 20 you'll also be able to buy the game's premium Battle Pass which includes large sums of Primogens.

Events and codes

Since Genshin Impact is still a new release, the event festivities celebrating its launch are ongoing. Check your mailbox and claim any event rewards you find there. The bonuses from these event rewards tend to be pretty large, so you should be able to generate several Wishes for free with the resulting Primogens. The rewards also may include Fates, which saves time on converting Primogens.

Another, more difficult option is to check the Genshin Impact forums for reward codes. Should you find one, you can redeem it by using the Redeem Codes tab.

Play the game

Certain Adventure Rank levels, like 5 and 13, will grant a free Wish once you reach them. Your Adventure Rank will increase just from playing the game, so you're guaranteed to get a few just from playing. 

Simply playing the game is key to getting more Primogens generally, since pretty much every in-game activity will net you some. Completing achievements, opening chests, completing quests, gaining Adventurer's Guild experience and completing commissions for them, and discovering key landmarks like Waypoints will all earn you Primogens.

Now that you've learned how to get Wishes in Genshin Impact, you can find more features and guides by clicking here to go to the game hub.


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