Genshin Impact Valberry guide

Ascend your characters to make them berry good.

In miHoyo's gatcha/JRPG smash hit Genshin Impact, there's a system called Ascension, which allows players to improve their weapons and characters. These characters and weapons are randomly procured through the game's capsule or gatcha system. Each character and weapon has materials required for Ascension. One such material is the Valberry. Use this guide to study up on Valberries and get your Ascension on!

Genshin Impact Valberry guide

Genshin Impact Valberry guide © miHoYo
© miHoYo


"A plump and translucent berry that has a fragrant smell and a sweet refreshing taste. In the past, the watchers of the storms found solace in the sweetness of the fruit and the hope for the city's security."

Valberries are items used in Genshin Impact for character Ascension. The Valberry is a Mondstadt Local Specialty, which means it is unique to the Mondstadt region of Teyvat. 


Players can obtain Valberries two ways: by finding them in the wild, or by purchasing them. To find them in the wild, you will need to head to the Stormbearer Mountains and search the area thoroughly. They can be found throughout the Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Peak. Grab your basket, take a stroll and go berry picking!

Additionally, Valberries can be purchased from Chloris, Mondstadt's resident best botanist, for 1000 Mora. Note that there is a purchase limit of 5 Valberries per visit. Chloris can be found wandering around the Windrise area of Mondstadt.  

Crafting usage

Valberries can not be used for crafting.

Weapon Ascension

Valberries can not be used for weapon Ascension.

Character Ascension

Valberries can only be used to Ascend certain characters. There are currently two characters who need Valberries for their Ascension.

  • Lisa-4 star rarity
  • Noelle-4 star rarity 

That is everything we know about Valberries in Genshin Impact. For more Genshin Impact features and guides, click here to visit our game hub.


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