How to turn off the car alarm in Phasmophobia

Dude where's your car?

Kinetic Games' ghost hunting fantasy Phasmophobia is all about determining what kind of ghost you are dealing with and tracking it down. There are a number of ways the game's specters can reveal their ghost-type and location, though you will have to be careful since they can also use the environment to distract you and your crew. One of these environmental factors is car alarms. Here's how to take care of them if a ghoul is messing with them on your hunt. 

How to turn off the car alarm in Phasmophobia

How to turn off the car alarm in Phasmophobia © Kinetic Games
© Kinetic Games

Some of Phasmophobia's maps have vehicles parked outside whatever building you are investigating. Ghosts can not only turn these on, they can do so remotely from up to two meters away and at any given moment. It is important to get these car alarms turned off as quickly as possible, because they can cover up clues about the ghost's location, such as the sound of their voice, footsteps, or various movements throughout the map. These clues are essential for tracking your spooky prey, so you don't want to miss out on any. 

To disable a car alarm, you first need to find the car keys in the area. This can be a bit tricky, as some maps will have multiple keys hanging around that aren't the ones you will be looking for. If you want to find vehicle keys, the front of the house is going to be your best bet. Look on the walls for keys hanging from mounted hooks or resting in a bowl on a small table near the front door. 

Once you find the keys, left-click to pick them up then head outside to find the offending vehicle. Stand right beside the door and left-click again to shut off the alarm. If you manage to do this within 10 seconds of it starting to go off, the ghost should still be around. You can use your EMF reader to check, if the ghost is still nearby it will give off a Level Two reading. If you don't get that, the ghost has probably moved to another part of the map. 

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