How tall is the PS5: size comparison and full dimensions

Here's how the PS5 stacks up to other consoles and creatures.

As its release date draws near, the PlayStation 5 unboxing embargo has finally dropped and creators and journalists across games media have gotten their hands on the very, very large next gen console. Excitement is palpable as people are starting to see just what next gen will look like. The PS5 will be available to the public on November 12, but to get an idea of what you will be buying, and how much room you will need to make for it, here is everything we know about the PS5's dimensions and how they compare to other consoles. 

How tall is the PS5: size comparison and full dimensions

How tall is the PS5: size comparison and full dimensions © Kei Sawada
© Kei Sawada

  • Length: 15.4 inches
  • Width: 10.2 inches
  • Height: 4.1 inches (standard version), 3.6 inches (digital version)

The standard model PS5's dimensions are 15.4 inches (length) x 10.2 inches (width) x 4.1 inches (height). For reference, that is about the same height as a standard bowling pin. The digital model is almost exactly the same, just a bit shorter with a height of 3.6 inches. These dimensions don't even take the PS5's base or outwardly projecting fins into account. Arguably, it is the largest video game console ever made, though the Xbox Series X does give it a run for its money when it comes to width, coming in at 5.94 inches. 

As seen in the above tweet, the PS5 completely eclipses the Nintendo Switch in terms of size and space taken up in someone's entertainment center. Twitter has also provided a slew of PS5-previewers comparing the console's size to various household items and pets. Cats, bananas, and small dogs have all been shown trembling in the shadow of Sony's latest behemoth, or lounging on top of it in some cases. No doubt pets across the globe will be overjoyed by the PS5 boxes in their near future.


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