How to take pictures in Watch Dogs Legion with photo mode

Everything you need to know about taking pics in Watch Dogs Legion

The ability to take photos is key in Watch Dogs Legion. There are multiple missions where you will need to snap a pic to progress. Additionally, Legion also has a photo mode that is separate from the in-game camera tool. Remembering how to access these different ways of taking photos can get confusing, but no worries. With this guide you will be able to take pictures in Watch Dogs Legion however you like!

How to take pictures in Watch Dogs Legion with photo mode

How to take pictures in Watch Dogs Legion with photo mode © Ubisoft
 © Ubisoft


There are certain missions that will require you to access your camera, primarily the Photograph Evidence side missions you can find scattered across London. These missions ask you to infiltrate enemy controlled locations and photograph the item or screen in question. 

To open the camera tool once you've found what you're looking for, stand in front of your subject and access the item wheel. You can do this by pressing right on the D-pad if you're using a PlayStation or Xbox controller, or by pressing 3 if playing with a mouse and keyboard. This wheel will show off your gadgets and items, including the camera. Select it and you should enter a first person mode to take photos. If you're doing a photo mission you'll know you're aiming at the right thing when "Target in View" appears on the screen. Choose the "Take Photo" prompt and you will snap away!

Photo mode

Photo mode is separate from the camera and is never mission critical. It's just a fun way to capture any silly or profound moments you may encounter while you play. To access it, go start with the same process you use for accessing the camera. Open the item wheel and look to the right. There are three additional options you can select in the top right corner of this screen and one of them is photo mode. Press the corresponding button to get started. 

Once photo mode is open, any action will stop and you'll gain access to controls that will let you manipulate the scene to your liking. 

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