How to get the best recruits in Watch Dogs Legion

Find the best person for the job

Wanna know how to get the best recruits in Watch Dogs Legion? This guide has got you covered!

How to get the best recruits in Watch Dogs Legion

How to get the best recruits in Watch Dogs Legion  © Ubisoft
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  • Target Skilled Recruits: if you want to get a solid squad together quickly, this is the way to go. Bagley will mark the location of Skilled Recruits on your map with a green waypoint. Just be sure to go after them as soon as they're added because you will have a limited window of time to find and recruit them. 
  • Free boroughs: When you free boroughs a Skilled Recruit is added to your team as a reward.
  • Target uniformed Operatives: different uniforms can access different locations with a lower chance of detection, so it's never a bad idea to have Operatives that wear different hats (literally). Uniformed Operatives are characters like construction workers and Albion contractors who have access to areas that might be hard to get into otherwise. 
  • Save people in the open world: If you happen to rescue someone from Albion while you're out and about you may have the chance to recruit them directly, allowing you to skip their recruitment mission entirely.
  • Your roster has a cap: while it varies a bit, the cap for your Operative team is about 40 members, so plan accordingly. If you need to make room for new Operatives, you can clear slots by Retiring current team members.
  • Avoid 2 thumbs downers: anyone with a 2 thumbs down attitude has the potential to hurt or kidnap other members of your team, so do not recruit them. 
  • Get the Deep Profiler: This is key for the recruitment process as it allows you to view people's schedules and follow up on any recruitment leads. 

Best Recruits

  • Paramedic: your Operatives will heal faster if there's a Paramedic on your team.
  • Spy: Spies have access to powerful weapons, a car with an AR Cloak and weapons system, and the ability to directly hack enemies. 
  • Protest Leader: this Operative can get up to 4 civilians to become temporary DedSec agents. They also come equipped with tear gas. 
  • Barrister: Operatives spend less time in jail when arrested with a Barrister on your team.
  • Getaway Driver: the Getaway Driver has a perk that completely prevents Chase Drones from pursuing them. They also have access to a super fast car and the ability to hack other nearby cars to get them out of the way.
  • Hitman: Hitmen can do takedowns even when enemies can see them. They also have a trophy associated with them. 

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