Hilichurl Wei locations in Genshin Impact

Learn where to track down Genshin Impact's Hilichurl Wei monster with our locations map!

One of the oddest additions coming to Genshin Impact is the Hilichurl Wei monster, based on developer miHoYo’s CEO, Liu Wei. Yes, they even did the voice acting for it. This monster can spawn at several different locations across the map, and taking it down will earn you some handy rewards and Adventure Rank progress. To help you find your fare share of them more easily, we’ve put together a map of the potential Wei Hilichurl locations in Genshin Impact.

Hilichurl Wei locations in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Hilichurl Wei locations map big hilichurl
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We’ve marked all the general Hilichurl Wei locations in Genshin Impact on the map above. So far we're pretty sure of 15 locations. If you’re after more details however, we’ve also included some further instructions on each below. You won’t find Hilichurl Wei at every one of these spots, as a random number spawn every day. This Hilichurl will sometimes perform an attack which sees him throw Primogems at you, though sadly it doesn't appear they're added to your inventory.

Killing one will net you 18 Adventure Exp and a chance to drop some rarer rewards like Primogems (though most will drop Cabbages), so you’ll want to track down these fancy Hilichurls to add their pelts to your collection. Below are the details on all the Genshin Impact Hilichurl Wei locations that we know of.

  1. Stormterror’s Lair - Up on the stone paths to the west side, near some wooden boxes.
  2. Stormbearer Mountains - next to a stone building on the grassy hillside.
  3. Qingce Village (North) - On the north side of the valley, resting on the stone walls in the field.
  4. Stone Gate - Climb up the hill from the waypoint here to check the grassy surface on the top.
  5. North Wolf - Look close to the edge of the circular area on your map.
  6. Windrise - On the north side of the river, near the gigantic tree.
  7. Dadaupa’s Gorge - Near trees on the hill north of the gorge.
  8. Cape Oath - At the very end of Cape Oath.
  9. Yaoguang Shoal - On the raised land above the Shoal, near the steep rockface.
  10. Qingyun Peak - On the west side of the peak, on top of the spiral stones.
  11. Jueyun Karst - From the water’s edge, climb the southern rock face next to the stone structure to find a gravestone and pack of equipment.
  12. Cuijue Slope - Near a gravestone in the middle of the four pools. 
  13. Tianqiu Valley - Look on the eastern side of the broken bridge.
  14. Liyue Harbor - Follow the coast around the north east of Liyue Harbor to find the Hilichurl on the cliffside which overlooks the town.
  15. Linju Pass - There’s a campsite set up along the southeast route from the pass. 

Remember that the Hilichurl Wei resets every day, meaning you can head out and hunt them down all over again. The general rewards aren’t too great, so unless you haven’t already found them, we recommend stopping by these spots when you’re already in each area for other reasons.

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That’s all we know about the Hilichurl Wei locations in Genshin impact, but you can click here to visit our hub page for the game to find all sorts of other useful tips and tricks.

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