Holiday gifts for the Xbox Series X owner in your life

Our Xbox Series X/S holiday gift guide will help you figure out what to buy a next-gen gamer.

A next-gen console on its own is bound to deliver a good holiday season. But the right extra gifts could really make the difference for your Xbox Series X or S blessed acquaintance. The new systems – Series S aside – certainly aren’t cheap, meaning most folks who dove in this year will be on the look out for those much-needed accessories. If you’re wondering what holiday gifts to get for the Xbox owner in your life, this Xbox Series X/S holiday gifts guide is for you. We’ve rounded up the accessories and extra that’ll have any Series X owner grinning like Microsoft just announced the return of Gears of War.

Xbox Series X/S holiday gifts guide

Xbox Series X/S holiday gift guide present ideas
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Given the Xbox Series X and S are fairly new consoles, we’ve focussed on the accessories that’ll let new owners make the most of their consoles below. Below them, our Xbox Series X/S holiday gift guide also rounds up the best games available so far to take advantage of the new power that new system offers.

An extra controller

xbox gift guide holiday 2021 controller
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If the Series X/S owner you know made the jump from the Xbox One, there’s a good chance that they’re already stocked with controllers. If they’ve coming to the Xbox family fresh or if their supply is getting particularly well worn, however, then a new controller is a fantastic gift idea. 

Online might form the bulk of multiplayer gaming these days, but titles like Overcooked: All You Can Eat are best enjoyed in the same room. Give the gift of a spare controller and you’ll not only make the recipient happy, but open up the chance for you to join in with a spot of next-gen gaming as well.

For a fancy yet affordable controller option, consider the HyperX Clutch Gladiate RGB. Officially licensed by Xbox, it comes with a clear shell and internal RGB lighting you can shift between different effects and colors. Rear buttons can be programmed to make other inputs easier, and impulse triggers add an extra level of immersion to each action.

If you want to splash out in lavish style, consider an Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. This expensive upgrade offers comfort, durability, and even function thanks to extra back panel buttons and swappable thumbsticks. They'll likely never need a new controller again.

A Game Pass subscription

Xbox Series X holiday gift guide game pass
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Game Pass is Microsoft’s ace card with this new console generation. The value of this subsciption service really can't be overstated. Anyone signed up gets instant access to more than 100 titles, including Xbox exclusives like Star field and Forza Horizon 5, as well as third party titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Given a year’s subscription costs less than the price of two AAA releases, we’d argue that all Xbox Series X/S owners should really get involved.

To that end, a Game Pass subscription is one of the best holiday gifts you can give. A three-month subscription is enough time to cover Starfield's campaign, or you can go large with a six-month subsciption. If your giftee also plays on PC, Game Pass Ultimate will cover them on both Xbox and Windows.

A quality headset: HyperX CloudX Flight or CloudX Stinger Core

Holiday gift guide for xbox series X owner hyperx cloud flightx
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Gaming headsets aren’t just for PC players. For players who want to experience the full audio quality of the titles they load up, gain an ear-based advantage online in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, or are just looking to chat with distant friends, a good headset is essential. HyperX’s CloudX Flight has been designed specifically for Xbox consoles, delivering top-of-the-line immersive audio and comfort. Best of all, as a wireless headset, players won’t have to worry about pesky wires, and can keep the party chat going while they head to the kitchen for a snack.

If you’re after a more affordable option, the CloudX Stinger Core is the perfect, officially licensed entry-level headset for Xbox gamers. Its 40mm drivers and cushioned ear pads will deliver quality, comfort, and reliability at a generous price tag. A perfect pickup for anyone in a shared living space that doesn't want to annoy their housemates or family with booming sound effects all night.

Check out all the best HyperX gifts for Xbox owners at this handy console collection link.

Extra external storage

Xbox series X/S Holiday gift guide 2021 external storage
© Microsoft

As new releases gobble up hundreds of gigabytes, storage space management is essential, especially for anyone rocking a digital-only Xbox Series S. Thankfully, Microsoft has made adding extra storage space extremely simple and space efficient this generation, though the official expansion cards are very pricey. Buying expansion space isn't cheap, but it will cut plenty of frustration from a console owner's life.

Much like the Xbox One, external USB 3.1 drives are supported, meaning you can hook up an external SSD or hard drive without any fuss. A 1TB external SSD will offer plenty of room and speed for game storage on both Xbox One and Series X/S. Or you can opt for a slightly slower but more space-for-your-buck 1TB external hard drive.

The best option, if you can afford it, is to go with an official Seagate expansion card which slots directly into the series X/S consoles. These 1TB NVMe SSDs promise the same speeds as the internal storage. They’re also extremely compact, so you won’t need to worry about finding extra space in your TV stand for them. The downside is that they cost quite a bit more than your usual external drive.

The best new games!

Xbox holiday gift guide 2022 games marvel's midnight suns
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If you’re not a fan of Game Pass’ subscription service, gifting one of the best new games to arrive with the Xbox Series X/S is always a fantastic holiday gift idea. We’ve got five recommendations below including brand new releases, classic Xbox series, and some of the most exciting new releases of the year.

  • Starfield: Bethesda's biggest RPG yet is more than just Skyrim in space, but even if that's all it is, that's ideal for the Elder Scrolls fan in your life who hasn't already taken a punt.
  • Hi-Fi Rush: One of the surprise hits of the year, this is an endlessly inventive and fun rhythm-fighting game, though unlike most rhythm games it's forgiving enough for anyone who hasn't 100%'d Through The Fire And Flames on Guitar Hero. Enjoy punching comic book baddies to the beat.
  • Elden Ring: Chances are you've heard of Elden Ring already, but even if your giftee doesn't normall play the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, they may well enjoy Elden Ring. The mindboggling vast fantasy world is challenging, certainly, but it gives players the freedom to approach it at their own pace, building a character that suits their playstyle rather than being pigeonholed by the game.
  • The Callisto Protocol: Action horror fans are in for a treat here. The Callisto Protocol is set in a penal colony on Jupiter's crater-strewn moon, one in which a virus has transformed the majority of people into monstrous biophage creatures. Expect jump scares, gore, and monsters galore in this very violent new sci-fi story from one of the co-creators of Dead Space.
  • Pentiment: And finally, something a little different. Pentiment is a critically acclaimed whodunnit set in medieval Europe, with art practically pulled from a tapestry. It'll be unlike anything they've played before and is undeniably brilliant.

And that completes our guide to holiday gifts for the Xbox Series X owner in your life! If you’ve got any other suggestions, be sure to share them in the comments below. If you’re after gifts for PlayStation 5 owners, click here, or find our full list of holiday 2023 gaming gift guides here for even more present suggestions.

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