Holiday 2023 gaming gift guide hub

Discover the best gaming gifts this holiday season, with guides to suit all budgets and gamers!

Don’t let present picking stress you out this holiday season – just refer to our 2023 holiday gaming gift ideas for friends, family, and loved ones! We’ve got recommendations for all sorts of gaming gear, video-game-inspired gifts, and game suggestions covering PC, PS5, Xbox, and Switch. We cover a variety of price tags to help you avoid financial stresses too. So if there’s a lover of video games in your life that you’d like to treat this year? Scroll on down to the relevant pages below for a wealth of achievement-worthy present suggestions.

Holiday 2023 gaming gift guide hub

Holiday 2023 gaming gift guide hub

All of our 2023 holiday gift guides for gamers are collated for your easy perusal. Read on for a little more information on what each gift guide includes, then click the title to jump to that guide and start browsing those gifts. We'll be updating this list as we add more categories throughout the season, so check back regularly for more great gaming gift ideas!

Gaming gear gift guides

The best-selling HyperX gear to gift this year

A new headset, keyboard, or microphone makes for a heck of a gift, but with so many options out there which ones should you buy? In this curated list, we've picked out the best-selling HyperX products that are guaranteed to upgrade any gaming setup. You don't need to know the first thing about kilohertz or technical specs -- these are the most popular products for a reason. Read the full HyperX best-selling gift guide here.

Content creator starter kit holiday gift guide

Know someone trying to get started as a streamer, YouTuber, podcaster, or any other kind of content creator? Help them achieve their dreams by gifting some much-needed content creation gear! Find out about microphones, headsets, streamer keycaps and more in our content creator starter kit holiday gift guide.

The best gaming headsets holiday gift guide 2023

The right headset can transcend a gamer's experience, immersing them in whirls of magic or helping them quickly locate an opponent in an online match. Gaming headsets are the heart of HyperX's gaming gear, and our gift guide will walk you through finding the best pair to fit your gift recipient whatever and wherever they like to play. Find our best gaming headsets holiday gift guide for 2023 here.

Gaming earbuds holiday gift guide 2023

For a mobile or Nintendo Switch gamer, earbuds can offer a practical way to enjoy great gaming audio on the go.  Compact in size, they're far easier to pack and transport than a full headset. Whether your gift target wants wires or wireless, you can get ideas for great options in our gaming earbuds holiday gift guide 2023.

Top 5 gaming keyboards for the holidays

Gaming keyboards are seriously impressive these days. They feature fancy mechanical switches for satisfying finger taps and can even light up in complex and animated RGB patterns. Our keyboards gift guide will take you through some of the best available for all budgets and purposes. It'll help you decide between a full-size board with all effects, a budget board for new gamers, and a compact keyboard that's easily portable. Find all that useful advice in our top five gaming keyboards for the holidays gift guide.

Microphone holiday gift guide 2023 for gaming, streaming and content creation

A good microphone is essential for streamers and content creators, but they have plenty to offer the rest of us too. But knowing which mic is good for what can be extremely confusing. Our gift guide will help you buy like a pro, or even an amateur! We've got recommendations for great microphones to gift that'll suit all uses. Learn more in our 2023 microphone holiday gift guide.

HyperX gaming controllers holiday gift guide 2023

An extra controller or two can mean more people getting involved in the fun of video games. Official options are fine, but if you're after something a little extra then HyperX can help. We have a controller made speciically for mobile gaming and an officially licensed Xbox controller with extra functionality like dual lock triggers and rear buttons. Learn more in our HyperX gaming controllers holiday gift guide.

The best wireless gaming gear gifts 2023

Make tangled cables a ghost of Christmas past. Going wireless when gaming is a surprising freeing experience, making it an ideal gift for gamers who are already stocked up on most conventional goods. In this gift guide we've picked out the premium of wireless headsets, earbuds and mice to give as a gift this holiday season. Click here for the best wireless gaming gear gifts of 2023.

holiday 2023 gaming gift guide hub

Games and accessories gift guides

Gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023

Even if someone already has the core of their gaming setup sorted, there are still plenty of great gifts you can buy to accessories you can grab to make their hobby more fun, practical, and stylish. Items like 3D-printed keycaps, charging stations, and colored coiled cables make for great (and affordable) gaming gifts. Learn more in our gaming accessories holiday gift guide for 2023 here.

Affordable gaming-themed holiday gifts and stocking stuffers

Buying on a strict budget this year? This gift guide is broken down by price, with categories for gifts under $10, $25, and $50 to help you avoid overspending. Check out everything included in our list of affordable gaming-themed holiday gifts and stocking stuffers

Beginner gamers holiday gift guide

Know someone who wants to get into gaming? Enouraging your kid to pick up a controller? Here are the key things that'll enhance any greenhorn gamer's experience, including suggested games, headsets, accessories, and more. Read all the ideas for beginner gifts here.

Veteran gamers holiday gift guide

Buying for a player who already has all the core gear? Unsure what to get them that they won't already have? We've got plenty of suggestions to put a smile on the face of serious gamers. Just read our holiday gift guide for veteran gamers.

Video game cook books holiday gift guide

A video game cookbook is a brilliant holiday gift for a gamer. You get to show interest in their favorite hobby and they might bake you delicious goods to chow down on! In that manner, you're basically investing in a gift for yourself. Study the recipes in our video game cook books holiday gift guide here.

Holiday gift guide 2023 for the music-loving gamer

Buying for an audiophile and a gamer in one? Check out these great gifts for fans of music, gaming, and video-game music! Listen to our suggestions in our holiday gift guide 2023 for the music-loving gamer.

Family game night holiday gift guide 2023

Planning a party or two this holiday season? Looking for a game that'll get mom, dad, and even your nan involved? We've got the games and gear that'll have everyone laughing together this Christmas, even if you're not in the same room!  Check out our family game night holiday gift guide 2023 here.

That’s the full run of our holiday 2023 gaming gift guides right now, but we’re regularly updating with new roundups and suggestions – check back again soon for even more gaming gift suggestions!

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