Microphone holiday gift guide 2023 for gaming, streaming and content creation

The best microphones to buy as a gift this holiday season.

Clear communication is helpful is most aspects of life, but when it comes to gaming, streaming and content creation? A quality microphone is essential. So if you’re looking to quite literally give someone the gift of the gab, our microphone holiday gift guide 2023 for gaming, streaming and content creation has you (and their voice) covered.

Microphone holiday gift guide 2023

microphone holiday gift guide 2023

The best microphone for your giftee is going to depend on what they want to use it for. As such, our microphone holiday gift guide 2023 includes quick notes on what each of the mics below excels at. Whether your target is a newbie streamer, up-and-coming podcast host, RGB style icon, or competitive gamer, we’ll help you find the perfect microphone for them. 

HyperX QuadCast S

Microphone holiday gift guide 2023 - The HyperX QuadCast S.
The HyperX QuadCast S microphone.

Great for: RGB lighting lovers, gamers, podcasters, streamers.

The QuadCast S is the microphone that does it all. The ability to swap between four polar patterns allows your gift recipient to set it up for solo recordings, group podcasts, one-to-one interviews – whatever they need. For streamers who appear on camera, it’s also a looker. The QuadCast S is available in clean black or white paint, and with customizable RGB lighting via HyperX’s Ngenuity software. (Though if red is all they’re likely to want, you can also consider the QuadCast instead). 

The built-in anti-vibration shock mount and pop filter will help keep baneful bumps or pesky plosives from being transmitted, so their voice will come through clear to squadmates or stream viewers no matter how hectic things get. There’s also a handy tap-to-mute sensor on top which means they can quickly mute themselves when you or someone else needs to cut in for a chat mid-match.

Get the HyperX QuadCast S here.

HyperX SoloCast

Microphone holiday gift guide 2023 - The HyperX SoloCast microphone.
The HyperX SoloCast microphone.

Great for: Beginner content creators, gamers, solo podcasters.

The SoloCast is an ideal entry-level microphone for new content creators, podcasters, or gamers looking to step up their voice quality. With a simple, plug-and-play USB-C connection, your gift recipient will be able to effortlessly enjoy 24-bit, 96KHz recordings and communication. 

Much like the QuadCast S, the SoloCast includes a tap-to-mute sensor to ensure real-life discussions aren’t accidentally shared online. The mic comes on an adjustable stand, but it’s also compatible with most mic stands and boom arms to suit any setup. A great balance between budget and functionality.

Get the HyperX SoloCast here.

HyperX DuoCast

Microphone holiday gift guide 2023 - The HyperX DuoCast microphone.
The HyperX DuoCast microphone.

Great for: Tasteful RGB connoisseurs, beginner content creators, gamers, podcasters.

For content creators looking to add a professional touch to their setup, the HyperX DuoCast makes for an excellent upgrade. To complement its 24-bit, 96KHz recordings, the DuoCast can be swapped between two polar patterns. Cardioid is ideal for streaming and voiceovers, while Omnidirectional allows for clear recording of multi-person podcasts or conference calls.

The DuoCast is built with elegance in mind. It features a stylish RGB ring with two customizable zones to help their setup stand out. As well as the same tap-to-mute sensor as the SoloCast, the DuoCast allows users to manually adjust gain control via a convenient knob on the mic’s rear side. It isn’t solely for PC gamers either. The DuoCast is also compatible with PS5, PS4, and Mac.

Get the HyperX DuoCast here.

HyperX ProCast

Microphone holiday gift guide 2023 - The HyperX ProCast microphone.
The HyperX ProCast microphone.

Great for: Professional podcasters, voice over artists, singers, and streamers.

Shopping for someone who’s planning to make a career out of their voice? The HyperX ProCast is a professional-grade condenser microphone which connects via XLR cable. The gold-sputtered condenser records premium-grade audio, and the ProCast includes a switchable 80Hz high-pass filter to cut out any background rumbles. 

Your gift recipient will also find a detachable HyperX Shield included in the box. This can be snapped into place on the anti-shock mount to sift out plosive puffs of air before they ruin a recording. There’s one important note any potential gift buyer should be aware of, though: as an XLR mic, the ProCast will need to be connected to a professional interface like the HyperX Audio Mixer (coming early 2024).

Get the HyperX ProCast here.

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