HyperX Queued Up Class of 2023 ready to take over your screens

The HyperX Queued Up 2023 top 5 winners have been announced, as the new class of creators begin their journey.

HyperX's Queued Up creator competition has found its top five after presenting the content pioneers of tomorrow with the tools to supercharge their stardom.

The Queued Up Class of 2023 was narrowed down from 20 up-and-coming creators to just five last night at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas, thanks to votes cast throughout October from the streaming community.

Joining the HyperX family this year are EJPlayss, GRRRCEDES, OlivesCrossing, itsqueenmanda and th3beardedbaron, who will all be receiving resources and opportunities to help them improve their content creation game.

Presenting last night's new members of the Queued Up program with their tickets to streaming success were HyperX hero Fuslie and previous years' Queued Up alumni Genshin Impact streamer tuont0, OTK RP regular Cinna and Yu-Gi-Oh duellist Blaustoise.

If you are also looking to get some help kickstarting your own content creator journey, check out the HyperX Content Creator hub for some great tips on how to be the wave of the future.


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