Gaming earbuds holiday gift guide 2023

Give the gift of gaming on the go with our gaming earbuds holiday gift guide 2023.

Don’t underestimate the freedom a good pair of earbuds can offer. Headsets are often the go-to audio choice for gamers at home, but a set of excellent earbuds can deliver quality and flexibility in a convenient form factor. Our gaming earbuds holiday gift guide 2023 will help you pick out the right pair for anyone who likes to game at home, on the go, and across multiple systems!

Gaming earbuds holiday gift guide 2023

Our gift guide for the best gaming earbuds will help you choose the right pair to suit the systems your giftee plays on, whether they want to go wired or wireless. If you’re looking to snag the best deals on gaming earbuds for the holidays, head to the HyperX sales page. You can even use the money you save to get a gift for yourself. That’s just smart planning!

HyperX Cloud Earbuds (Pink)

gaming earbuds holiday gift guide 2023 - the HyperX Cloud Earbuds pink
The HyperX Cloud Earbuds (Pink).

Great for: Switch players, gamers on the go, fans of pink.

Designed with the Nintendo Switch owner in mind, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds are made to deliver hassle-free gaming audio on the go. They feature a 90° angled plug that slots unobtrusively into the top of the Switch (no more bent and buckled connections). They also come with a carrying case to make packing them away speedy and secure when it’s time to hop off the bus/plane/train. 

Crucially, the Cloud Earbuds also feature an in-line microphone. That means your gaming giftee will still be able to communicate with their squad in Fortnite and other games that utilize the mic wherever they choose to play. These stylish pink earbuds are an ideal gift choice for any Nintendo Switch owner.

Get the HyperX Cloud Earbuds Pink here.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds II

gaming earbuds holiday gift guide 2023 - The HyperX Cloud Earbuds II
The HyperX Cloud Earbuds II.

Great for: Mobile gamers, Switch and Steam Deck owners.

Hunting for an affordable and versatile gift for a phone-bound gamer? The HyperX Cloud Earbuds II contain 14mm drivers optimized for mobile audio. They create a high-grade listening experience for not just gaming, but also videos, audiobooks, and podcasts too. 

The holes on the sides of our heads come in all shapes and sizes. But with 4 sets of ear tips included, The Cloud Earbuds II will guarantee your gift target finds the right fit. After all, no-one should suffer the indignity of their earbuds slipping out mid boss battle! Connecting via 3.5mm audio jack, the earbuds are also compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck.

Get the HyperX Cloud Earbuds II here.

HyperX Cirro Buds Pro

gaming earbuds holiday gift guide 2023 - The HyperX Cirro Buds Pro
The HyperX Cirro Buds Pro.

Great for: Wireless gaming, music, workouts, and more.

If you’re looking for wireless freedom without an impact for gaming, the Cirro Buds Pro are the ultimate quest reward in our gaming earbuds gift guide 2023. These Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds features hybrid active noise cancellation, cutting out the sounds of the outside world so your gift recipient can lose themself in gaming worlds, audiobooks, or music without distraction. 

Due to an audio processing delay, Bluetooth isn’t usually ideal for gaming. But the Cirro Buds Pro include a Game Mode that can be toggled on to enable a 90ms low-latency connection. They’re also IPX4 rated, meaning they’ll stand up to workouts in the gym, too. The earbuds boast up to seven hours of battery life on their own, and the charging case extends that to 35 hours at full charge. So you can be sure they’ll see your giftee through long flights and the occasional marathon gaming session.

Get the HyperX Cirro Buds Pro here.

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