Gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023

Aesthetically pleasing cables, controller charging stations, and more comprise our gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023.

Every gamer knows that sticking attachments on something grants it better stats. The same is true of accessories for real-life gaming gear, even if those stats are made-up ones like “cozy aesthetic,” “lo-fi vibe,” and “eye-feel.” We've found our style and won't be judged for living it, okay?

The point is, the right accessories can bring a gaming space to life with lights, fun, and functionality. Our gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023 will help you add that extra level of joy to another’s (or even your own) game sessions with extras including keycaps, 3D-printed figures, controller chargers, and more!

Gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023

The right accessories for your gift recipient will depend on what gear they’re rocking. Check the details on each entry in the list below to see what gaming equipment it’s compatible with to avoid any awkward unwrappings.

Rubber/Pudding/PBT keycaps

gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023 rubber key caps
HyperX Rubber Keycaps.

For: PC players in need of some extra texture and/or lighting.

New keycaps don’t just stand out visually – they can make a huge difference under fingers too. HyperX keycap sets come in multiple colors and are compatible with HyperX mechanical keyboards and most standard mechanical keyboards too. Which ones to get will depend on what your giftee wants from their gaming.

Rubber Keycaps add an extra level of texture, making it easy for a competitive player to know that their fingers are in the right place without taking their eyes off the screen. Pudding Keycaps are for RGB enthusiasts. They have a pleasing two-tone design, and their lower half is translucent. That means RGB keyboards will shine like never before with Pudding keys placed on top. Finally, PBT Keycaps are thicker, more durable, and more resistant to solvents. Ideal for an intense gamer or someone planning to transport their keyboard often.

Get HyperX Rubber Keycaps here.

Get HyperX Pudding Keycaps here.

Get HyperX PBT Keycaps here.

3D-printed keycaps

gaming accessories holiday gift guide hyperx hx3d printed keycaps
The HyperX Spooky Set and Streaming Hot Keys keycaps.

For: Adding some character to a PC play space.

Regular keycap replacements not quite enough? Then allow us to introduce the HX3D line. These 3D-printed keycaps can bring a keyboard to life – or undeath in some cases – by swapping out standard keys for unique and characterful or useful alternatives. Buying for a goth gamer? The HyperX Spooky Set includes a bat, pumpkin, and skeleton keycap set that will be right up their dark and gloomy alley.

Lovers of shooters and fantasy games can customize their keys in a practical manner, with specialized movement (WASD) and ability icon keys included in packs like the FPS Bundle and the RPG Icon Set which comes in multiple magical colors. Streamers are covered too, with the Streaming Hot Keys set including handy designs for switching off your cam and starting/stopping the broadcast.

An ideal gaming accessory, HyperX’s 3D-printed keycaps are a great way to add a splash of personality to a player’s keyboard. While you might think a key shaped like a cute succulent or plate of cookies will be unwieldy to press, we guarantee that your giftee has spaces on their keyboard that they don't touch often. Several of the HX3D keys can be purchased individually or in larger bundles, so pick and choose the ones they'll love or will fit the other figures like Amiibo they have dotted around their play space! Like the regular keycaps above, they’re compatible with most standard mechanical keyboards.

Get the Spooky Set keycaps here.

Get the FPS Bundle Set keycaps here.

Get the RPG Icon Set here.

See the full range of HX3D products here.

ChargePlay Duo or ChargePlay Quad 2

gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023 hyperX chargeplay quad and duo
The HyperX ChargePlay Quad and ChargePlay Duo.

For: Console gamers who love a local game night.

There are few worse feelings for a gamer than picking up a controller to find it’s out of battery. You can save your recipient from ever suffering that specific agony by gifting them the ChargePlay Duo or ChargePlay Quad controller stations. 

The ChargePlay Duo, available for Xbox or PS5, can hold two Xbox or PS5 controllers, respectively, ensuring both are kept topped up at all times. Great for local co-op or if you want to quickly swap controllers in and out when playing solo. The sleek design will blend in beside their console of choice, and the weighted base will save the controllers from being flung across the room by any accidental bumps and nudges. The officially licensed Xbox version also includes two 1400mAh rechargeable battery packs to slot into your controllers.

For the Nintendo Switch owner in your life, there’s the ChargePlay Quad 2. This distinctive white-red dome can handle four Joy-Cons at a time. So when it’s time to throw down in Mario Party, no one will be left without the power to play. The ChargePlay Quad 2 can fully charge four Joy-Cons in under four hours, and the LED indicator will let everyone know when they’re ready for use.

Get the ChargePlay Duo (PS5) here.

Get the Chargeplay Duo (Xbox) here.

Get the ChargePlay Quad 2 here.

Coiled Cable

gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023 coiled cable
The HyperX Coiled Cable in light blue.

For: Keeping a tidy yet colorful gaming space.

Cable management has always been crucial for gamers, but did you know it could be cute, too? HyperX Coiled Cables transform those tubes of power from a pest to be hidden into an appealing part of an aesthetic. Available in pleasing pastel colors like red, light green, light blue, and purple, Coiled Cables are a durable and compact way to reduce clutter. They use a USB-C to USB-A connection with a detachable 5-pin aviator connector, making them compatible with most USB-C keyboards.

Choose your Coiled Cable color here.

Pulsefire Mat RGB

gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023 pulsefire mat rgb
The Pulsefire Mat RGB lit up under several pieces of HyperX gaming gear.

For: RGB enthusiast to complete the set.

Think a mousepad is too dull to earn a place on our gaming accessories gift guide 2023? The Pulsefire Mat RGB begs to differ! This extra-large mousepad comes contained within an RGB light ring. HyperX’s Ngenuity software can be used to apply four different effects to it across a full spectrum of colors. The mousepad can match or contrast with the rest of your RGB-adoring giftee’s gear or become part of a full game-inspired RGB profile

The Pulsefire Mat RGB isn’t just flashy. There’s enough room to fit both your keyboard and mouse within its sizable real estate, held firmly in place thanks to its anti-slip rubber base. Naturally, the mouse is the main benefactor of a mouse mat. The densely woven cloth surface makes for smooth and consistent movements every time. And as an added bonus, the black backing will really make any colored Coiled Cables laid on top pop.

Get the Pulsefire Mat RGB here.

HyperX Shield

gaming accessories holiday gift guide 2023 HyperX Shield
The HyperX Shield connected to the HyperX QuadCast S.

For: Anyone making a living with their voice.

Finally, if you’re gift hunting for someone who wants to make a living through chatting or singing into a microphone – streamers, podcasters, and voice over artists all count! – then a good pop filter is essential. The HyperX Shield is the bulwark against bad audio. It will clip cleanly onto most HyperX microphone shock mounts and the toolless mounting (a rubber-padded c-clamp) is compatible with most other microphone and stands. 

The flexible gooseneck mount allows the Shield tobe perfectly positioned for each mic. Once in place, it’ll bravely fend off any explosive puffs of air that threaten to ruin recordings. A perfect purchase, perhaps – words which both make sense and sound great when recorded through the HyperX Shield.

Get the HyperX Shield here.

The relentless march of Christmas sees it draw ever closer. Time is running out. Prepare your defenses and arm yourself by heading to our holiday gift guide hub, where you can find great collections of gaming gifts like headsets, microphones, and much more! Equip yourself with their suggestions and you might just fend off the mighty baubled beast for another year.

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