HyperX NGENUITY game-themed RGB keyboard profiles

These RGB keyboard profiles will bring Sonic, Star Wars, and more to your game space!

Owning a HyperX RGB keyboard will let you reach in through your monitor to drag your favorite games directly onto your desktop. Not literally of course – we’re pretty sure screen punching isn’t covered in the Armada Gaming Monitor’s warranty. But thanks to RGB keyboard lights, you can bring the themes and colors of your favorite series and characters to your game space using HyperX’s NGENUITY software.

Designing your own profiles can be as daunting as it is fun, though. So if you’re not sure how to get started, why not use our schemes instead? We’ve whipped up designs based on Elden Ring, Sonic, and more for your keyboard, mouse, and mousepad! Check out the videos and images to see them in action, then download the designs to import them as an NGENUITY preset.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III keyboard profiles

If your squad is prepping for an online mission or you're heading into the campaign solo, gear up with the three Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III-inspired themes below. Our first theme is inspired by the three-striped logo of the game. It features animated strips that slide down into place before wiping in unison. The second spells out MW3 across your keyboard and numpad, while the third is a layout which highlights key inputs used during the game (easily adjusted based on your preferred hotkeys).

Download the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III presets here.

Earn Your Stripes

game-themed RGB keyboard profiles call of duty MW3

Modern Warfare Title

Call of Duty RGB keyboard profiles title layout game-themed profiles

Tactical Layout

Call of Duty game-themed RGB keyboard profiles

Starfield RGB keyboard profiles

We've got three Starfield RGB keyboard designs which bring Constellation's colors to your keyboard as you voyage through the stars. You can read the full lowdown on our Starfield designs here, or jump right into downloading them below. Prefer static colors? look for the horizontal lines of Starfield Stripes. For something a bit more active, the Cockpit Display will turn your RGB board into an in-ship display. Finally, the Constellation Badge brings the iconic pattern of the investigative team to your keyboard.

Download the Starfield NGENUITY presets here.

Starfield Stripes

Starfield RGB keyboard themes mechanical

Starfield Cockpit Display

Starfield RGB keyboard themes cockpit

Starfield Constellation Badge

Starfield constellation badge RGB keyboard design

Elden Ring RGB keyboard profiles

Our three Elden Ring RGB keyboard profiles bring The Lands Between to your desk, with color profiles based on three of the first areas your Tarnished will explore. Our general Elden Ring theme embodies the vast power of the Erdtree and the Elden Ring, with golden light flowing down from above before splashing across the base of your board. 

The Limgrave, Liurnia, and Caelid themes are all variants on the same base, featuring the glowing Erdtree to the left, dropping twinkling golden leaves across green, blue, and red landscapes.

Download the Elden Ring NGENUITY presets here.

Elden Ring General

RGB keyboard profile elden ring

Elden Ring Limgrave

Elden Ring RGB keyboard profiles NGENUITY limgrave

Elden Ring Liurnia

Elden ring RGB keyboard profile NGENUITY liurnia

Elden Ring Caelid

RGB keyboard profiles elden ring ngenuity celid

Sonic the Hedgehog RGB keyboard profiles

Gaming’s speediest spiky mammal zips directly onto your keyboard with these Sonic the Hedgehog RGB keyboard profiles. Our first theme brings his iconic eyes to the fore, subtly humming in the center of your keyboard wit ha white and blue glow.

The Green Hill Zone RGB keyboard design recreates the iconic Sonic level under your fingers, with Sonic zipping past trees and over a hill. Make sure you play the level’s music when you put this one on!

Finally, the Sonic Vs. Knuckles theme sets the red and blue rivals racing in rings around your keyboard, clashing in the center in an eternal, key-bound duel.

Download the Sonic NGENUITY presets here.

Sonic’s Eyes

Game-themed RGB keyboard profiles sonic eyes

Green Hill Zone

game-themed rgb keyboard profiles sonic green hill zone

Sonic Vs. Knuckles

game-themed rgb keyboard profiles ngenuity sonic v knuckles

Apex Legends RGB keyboard profiles

Apex Legends is constantly expanding its roster, so it’d be almost impossible for us to keep pace with character-themed RGB profiles. But, if you’re a Newcastle or Valkyrie fan, we’ve got your covered. 

The themes below cover the core emblems and color schemes of each character, bringing Newcastle’s split shield logo or Valkyrie’s scratched V shape to your board. There are also competitive layouts which keep the colors but minimize flashy distractions so you can keep your focus during those sweaty, match-ending duels.

Download the Newcastle NGENUITY presets here.

Download the Valkyrie NGENUITY presets here.

Newcastle Emblem

NGENUITY RGB keyboard presets Apex legends newcastle emblem shield

Newcastle Visor

NGENUITY RGB keyboard presets Apex legends newcastle visor

Newcastle Comp

NGENUITY RGB keyboard presets Apex legends newcastle comp

Valkyrie V

Apex legends RGB keyboard themes Valkyrie Ngenuity V

Valkyrie Wings

Apex legends RGB keyboard themes Valkyrie Ngenuity Wings

Valkyrie Comp

Apex legends RGB keyboard themes Valkyrie Ngenuity comp

Star Wars RGB keyboard profiles

Inspired by LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, we put together a selection of force-filled Star Wars RGB keyboard profiles that bring the hums, thrums, and whums of a lightsaber to your game space aesthetic. We created static and animated variants based on green, blue, and red lightsabers. Sith or Jedi – we’re not here to judge your allegiances.

Download the Star Wars NGENUITY presets here.

Static Lightsabers

ngenuity rgb keyboard profiles star wars lightsaber static

Animated Lightsabers

RGB keyboard profiles ngenuity star wars lightsaber animated

Looking for more RGB keyboard profiles?

Those are all the game-themed NGENUITY themes we've made so far. Want to see your favorite game brought to a HyperX RGB keyboard? Drop us a message and we'll do our best to design a preset for you. We also have seasonal themes to check out including RGB designs for summer vibes and spring scenes! Consider adding even more character to your keyboard with HX3D keycaps!

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