Summer RGB keyboard themes to bring the sun to your game space

Get sun, sand, and sea on your keyboard without making a mess thanks to these summer-themed NGENUITY RGB keyboard themes.

Praise the sun! If you love that that great ball of nuclear fusion fire in the sky as much as we do, then it’s time to celebrate it in your game space. We’ve used HyperX’s NGENUITY software to create four summer RGB keyboard themes for you to download. Whether you want to get beachy on your board or are feeling the vaporwave summer vibes, our RGB keyboard profiles have all sun-lovers covered.

Summer RGB keyboard themes for NGENUITY

For each of our summer RGB themes below, you can download the file directly via the link provided. Provided you’ve equipped yourself with a compatible HyperX mechanical keyboard, all you’ll need to do then is load it up in NGENUITY by selecting Add, then Import from the Presets menu. We’ve also included basic instructs on how we created the effect, just in case you wanted to give designing them a go for yourself! All our themes are displayed on the HyperX Alloy Elite 2 with Pudding Keycaps.

1. Beach Waves

Ngenuity summer rgb keyboard themes beach waves
© HyperX

Our first theme aims to replicate the gentle lapping of waves against a beach shore. We’ve used three Solid effects at diagonals to create the yellow sand, light blue shallows, and deeper blue sea. 

On top of that, we’ve applied a Wave effect of white which rolls from right to left, ending on the edge of the sand. A final blue Solid effect brings the ocean blue to HyperX Alloy Elite 2’s media controls. With the theme ready, all you need is a deckchair to sit on and a piña colada in hand, and you’’ll basically be able to enjoy a vacation at your desk!

Download the Beach Waves RGB keyboard theme here!

2. Vaporwave Sun

Ngenuity summer rgb themes vaporwave sun
© HyperX

The second summer RGB keyboard theme we’ve made brings ‘80s inspired vaporwave vibes, with an orange sunset surrounded by glowing purple. We’ve used three Solid effects to create a gradient of orange for the horizontal segments of our sun, topping it with a final layer of NGENUITY’s Sun effect, naturally. The pattern is also extended to create a colorful palm tree across the numpad. 

We’ve then applied a deep blue to all keys in the background to really make the orange of our sun glow atop the board. Finally, we’ve created a Wave effect which cycles between orange, red, and purple, applying it exclusively to the Alloy Elite 2’s light bar and media keys. Slap some lofi-beats on your Cloud III headset, and you’ve got the ideal combo to destress from even the sweatiest of boss fights.

Download the Vaporwave Sun RGB keyboard theme here!

3. Vaporwave Fade

Ngenuity Summer rgb themes vaporwave fade
© HyperX

We loved the colors of our vaporwave sun so much that we couldn’t resist creating another, simpler layout with them. For this summer RGB theme, we’ve applied the gradient of colors from Sun effect orange down to purple in horizontal lines across the entire board. We’ve also kept the red-orange-purple Wave effect across the light bar and media keys to maintain just a touch of lethargic dynamism to the theme’s laid-back look.

Download the Vaporwave Fade RGB keyboard theme here!

4. Sun’s Rays

Ngenuity Summer RGB keyboard themes sun's rays
© HyperX

Our final scene is a throwback to childhood drawings of a summer’s day. Green grass across the bottom two rows, blue skies above, and a  glistening sun in the top left corner. The bulk of this design utilizes simple Solid effects for the greens, blues, and yellows. You can’t see it in a still image, but we’ve made use of a Wave effect here to generate rays of sunshine which periodically wash down from the top left corner. We’ve also applied a Triggered Fade effect in the same yellow as the sun. That means even if it’s raining outside, your fingertips can generate some golden cheer while you game.

Download the Sun’s Rays RGB keyboard theme here!

Looking for more seasonal RGB keyboard themes? Check out our spring NGENUITY keyboard profiles here. or our Halloween themes here (Don’t worry, you can use any time of year.) And if you’re after something more videogame focused, we have designs based on Sonic, Apex Legends, Elden Ring and more available here!

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