Get spring vibes on your RGB keyboard with these seasonal NGENUITY themes

Let your RGB keyboard bloom with these spring themes.

Spring has officially sprung. Or at least it might have done where you are. All we seem to be getting is rain! But there's no need for glum weather to get you down. Thanks to HyperX's NGENUITY software, you can ensure the season still bursts into life  on your RGB keyboard. Follow the steps below to create your own spring themes in NGENUITY. Think of it as spring cleaning for your game space.

Spring RGB keyboard themes for NGENUITY

Spring themes for RGB keyboard NGENUITY
© HyperX

We’ve designed three different themes to bring the spring vibes to your RGB keyboard. Just follow the steps and images below to make them for yourself! 

A heads up: We designed our themes using pudding keycaps on the Alloy Elite 2 mechanical keyboard. Depending on your choice of board and keycap, you may need to adjust the brightness to ensure colors show up strongly!

1. Lavender bloom

Download the lavender bloom RGB keyboard theme here!

Spring is all about flower power and good smells, so let’s combine the two with a lavender-inspired design. This simple spring theme makes use of three solid effects lined up in diagonals. We’re designing for a full-scale board, but if you’re rocking a 65% or 60% keyboard learn more about them here you’ll want to shift a few of the key selections to ensure the whole thing fits on your compact board.

Spring keyboard themes RGB Ngenuity lavender
© HyperX

Our first solid effect is a deep purple covering a slanted line of keys from the space bar then in a column across V to M keys, all the way up to the F6 - F11 keys. We used hex code 6A0084 for the color, but feel free to adjust it to your tastes and how it appears on your board.

HyperX NGENUITY keyboard themes spring lavender
© HyperX

The second solid effect covers the remaining keys either side of the purple in a bright, springy green. We used hex code 2BFC0A here. Leave the top left and bottom right corners of your board clear.

Spring RGB keyboard themes hyperx NGENUITY
© HyperX

And finally, let’s get the bright morning sky in there with a solid effect in light blue. Our hex code is 00FFFF. Apply this to the corners you left blank, as well ass the light bar and media keys if you have them.

And that completes the first spring theme. It’s guaranteed to freshen up your game sessions, no matter the weather outside your window. You might need some actual lavender nearby to complete the effect, mind.

2. Fields of fun

Download the fields of fun RGB keyboard theme here!

Our next NGENUITY RGB keyboard spring theme is giving us a bit of everything: clear skies, filled fields, and green grass. If you prefer a horizontal style for your keyboard, this one’s for you.

Spring keyboard themes RGB Ngenuity hyperx
© HyperX

First up is a solid effect spread across the bottom two rows of keys. For our grass layer, we’ve used a dark green with hex code 125B00.

HyperX NGENUITY keyboard themes spring RGB keyboard
© HyperX

For the two rows above, we’ve applied a solid effect in barley field orange with hexcode F48F00. To stop the color from dominating the keyboard, we’ve dimmed the opacity down to 40. If you’re not using pudding keycaps, you might want to bump this up for a stronger effect.

Spring RGB keyboard themes NGENUITY
© HyperX

A third solid effect is brings a clean sky blue to the top two rows of the keyboard. We used hex code 5B70FF. Much like the last effect, we dropped the opacity down to 35 for a softer effect. Feel free to increase this if you want a more vibrant look.

Spring keyboard themes RGB HyperX keyboard
© HyperX

Finally, if you’re running a board with a light bar, a fourth solid effect of an even lighter blue (hex code 60E6FF) at full opacity completes this spring theme for your HyperX keyboard. Now you don't even need to go outside to touch grass!

3. Cherry blossoms on your board

Download the cherry blossoms RGB keyboard theme here!

Sakura season comes to your keyboard! This theme aims to replicate the steady fall of cherry blossom petals under your fingertips.

spring keyboard themes rgb ngenuity cherry blossoms
© HyperX

Start by creating a solid effect that covers the entire keyboard. Set this to a light, bright pink (we used hex code F46DDB), then drop the opacity between 20 and 30 for a gentle background pink.

Spring themes RGB Keyboard ngenuity cherry blossoms
© HyperX

If you’re rocking a keyboard with a light bar, you can add a second solid effect above which highlights that and the media button. Again, set this to a cheery, bright pink, but this time at full opacity.

Now comes the tricky part. We’re going to create two wave effects to simulate petals falling down across the screen. For each, set the angle to 270° (i.e. down), speed to 5, and opacity to 90. 

HyperX NGENUITY RGB Keyboard themes spring cherry blossom
© HyperX

For our first wave effect, we’ve used a selection of keys in a loose zig zag pattern down four places across the board. Make sure to leave enough space between each pattern to fit another between. 

In the color bar, set up two markers of bold pink with a large space between them. Then create markers close to either side of the pink ones. Drop the brightness of these (not opacity) down to zero. This will effectively create two waves of pink within one wave effect, with a pause between each once.

HyperX RGB keyboard themes for spring cherry blossoms
© HyperX

For the second wave effect, you’re going to repeat the steps of the first, but this time, select your key patterns in the spaces you left between the first wave. If you’re not sure how to do this, copy the selections from the images above. 

In the color bar, you’re going to create the same pink markers sandwiched by black. This time, however, you’re going to offset their positions within the bar when compared to the first wave. Swap between the two waves to ensure they don’t overlap much. This will make sure the two wave effects don’t arrive at the same time as one another. The two bars should look something like this:

Spring RGB themes for your keyboard
© HyperX

And just like that, you’ve finished the cherry blossom spring theme for your RGB keyboard! 

As always, feel free to tinker with the themes we’ve walked you through here. NGENUITY allows you to get creative with your layouts, so have fun and let the spring feelings flow through you.

Already on to the next season? We've got summer RGB keyboard presets to peruse here and Halloween themes here. For more NGENUITY themes, check out the video game RGB keyboard themes we’ve designed!

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