Halloween RGB keyboard themes to haunt your game space

Download Halloween-inspired RGB keyboard profiles featuring pumpkins, ghosts, and more!

Halloween has stretched out its bony hands to grasp the world once more. Candles flicker inside pumpkin shells, but the witching hour needn’t be relegated to your doorstep. Our spooky RGB keyboard themes can turn your HyperX mechanical keyboard into a Halloween treat. Simply download the scary designs below, import them into HyperX’s Ngenuity software, and resist the urge to jump back in shock as terrifying visions spring to life on your keyboard. Pair them with HX3D Spooky Set Keycaps to set your spine shivering any time you settle down to play.

Halloween RGB keyboard themes for Ngenuity

Patty the Pumpkin

Halloween RGB keyboard themes patty pumpkin

Inspired by HyperX’s very own gorgeous, 3D-printed gourd, our first theme spawns a grinning pumpkin under your fingertips. The unmistakable orange of Halloween forms the base of the design, with eyes and grin wrought in witchy purple. We’ve added an orange Breathing effect to the light bar and media keys of our Alloy Elite 2, and the numpad plays host to swirls of orange magic. What, you didn’t know pumpkins could also be witches? Patty’s a talented lady! Finally, a gentle Twilight effect brings some sparkles to the remaining dark. 

Download the Patty the Pumpkin RGB keyboard Ngenuity profile here.

Halloween Magic

Halloween RGB keyboard profiles magic

Our next theme is a a fully static design for those who want Halloween colors without any flashy effects or distinct shapes. Built solely from Solid effects in Ngenuity, the design uses a reddy orange as backdrop. A purple streak of magic zig-zags diagonally upwards across the board, with a lighter glow at its base. Is it an arc of lightning, a witch’s broom trail, or the wave of a wand? Let your imagination decide. Those with numpads and light bars can enjoy a large orange H for Halloween on the former and an extra contrast of purple on the latter.

Download the Halloween Magic RGB keyboard Ngenuity profile here.

Ghastly Ghosts

Halloween RGB keyboard themes ghastly ghosts

Steel your nerves, for our final theme unleashes ghostly white spirits from the base of your keyboard. Using three Wave effects, we’ve created animated, curling, wisp-like wraiths which shoot up from the base of your keyboard, culminating in a giant jump scare of white. Simple, yet scarily effective.

Download the Ghastly Ghosts RGB keyboard Ngenuity profile here.

Those are all of our Halloween RGB keyboard themes for Ngenuity -- perfect for creating your own haunted game space! But we have plenty of other designs for you to choose from too, including game-themed profiles based on titles like Elden Ring and Sonic, or seasonal displays that’ll deliver summer vibes even in the dead of winter. Head to the HyperX HX3D page to see even more thematic additions for your gaming space.

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