Create your own haunted Halloween gaming setup

Set spooky season loose in your your game space with these design tips.

As witches, werewolves, and wicked beasts are welcomed into our favorite games this month, why not extend that Halloween hospitality to your real-life game space, too? Decorating your gaming area for spooky season adds an extra level of entertainment to your favorite horror games. So if you’re feeling possessed by the spirit of all things scary, we’ve put together a guide for simple steps to transform your PC gaming space into the ultimate Halloween haven.

1. Add some spooky HX3D keycaps & toppers

create a halloween gaming setup keycaps - the count cloud, Commander skelly, and Patty the pumpkin keycaps
© HyperX

HyperX’s latest line of 3D-printed keycaps and toppers include the ideal start to your house of horrors. Pick up the HyperX Spooky Set keycaps for your mechanical keyboard and you’ll discover a creepy cabal of three new friends: Count Cloud, a proud vampire bat dressed in the iconic red and black of HyperX’s Cloud gaming headsets line; Commander Skelly, whose fearsome, skin-free visage will keep watch over your keyboard; and Patty the Pumpkin, a gourd with a devilishly gleeful grin. 

Each keycap can be also be bought individually, just in case you want to create a full pumpkin patch of Pattys on your numpad. But why should your keyboard have all the fun? Clip a pair of the upcoming Devil Horn toppers onto your Cloud III, Cloud II, or Cloud Alpha gaming headset, and you’ll be ready to deliver demonic plays in Dead by Daylight or your gruesome game of choice. Now that’s how you dress to slay.

2. Haunt your keyboard with an Ngenuity RGB profile

hyperx ngenuity create a horror gaming setup - the hyperx ngenuity title in front of an RGB gaming setup
© HyperX

The perfect partner to your new spooky keycap toppers is a full RGB profile based on the season of scares. So if you’re gaming on a HyperX mechanical keyboard, now’s the time to dive into the accompanying Ngenuity software and get creative. By assigning colors and effects to each key, you could design a layout to look like full-keyboard pumpkin with glowing eyes, a swarm of grinning skulls, or a glowing moon in a cloudy night sky. If you’re after inspiration, take a look at some of our other game-themed profiles!

With Ngenuity, you can use light sync to ensure any other bits of RGB equipment like your mouse or QuadCast S microphone match an overall theme. You can also tie lighting profiles to specific game launches. So if you’re feeling extra creative, why not make a theme for each of your favorite horror games?

3. Equip an eerie wallpaper and screensaver combo

Ditch the photo of the family pet. It’s time to get something sinister on your screen. Not sure where to look for a spine-chilling (and stylish) wallpaper? The social channels of your favorite games are a great place to start. For example, take look at these screens from Overwatch 2’s Trials of Sanctuary event.

If you want to elevate your wallpaper game further and don’t mind a little hit to PC performance, consider checking out software like Wallpaper Engine on Steam. You can use it to create or import animated wallpapers and screensavers, including a wide selection of gothic, spooky, and Halloween themes. Just be prepared to face a jump scare every time you log on.

how to create your own halloween spooky gaming setup
© HyperX

4. Thematic lighting

When the hour is late, the sun has set, and you’re looking for a digital scare, the last thing you need is a blindingly bright light ruining the mood. Introducing some customizable lighting arrangements like wall-mounted Nanoleafs or color-changing striplights/bulbs can really help set the tone. 

Pick the right hue and you’ll improve any horror-themed game nights, whether you’re playing solo at your PC or as a group in front of the TV. Create a few scenes with pumpkin oranges, sanguine reds, or witchy purples, and you can swap between them to suit each style of game.

5. Decorate your room with portentous printable crafts

create a halloween gaming setup hp printables
© HP

For some final (yet no less frightful) extra touches, check out HP’s list of printable Halloween frights and delights. These include craftable designs like a crow mask, pumpkin candle holder and bat garland. If you’re a streamer looking to step up your production at minimal cost, printed crafts are a fantastic way to bring that extra fear factor to the background of your studio.

Check out more of HyperX’s HX3D collection for keycaps and toppers to suit all seasons.

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