Starfield RGB keyboard themes to bring the galaxy to your game space

Download Starfield-inspired RGB keyboard profiles for HyperX's NGENUITY software.

If you’re in love with Starfield’s aesthetic and the colors of Constellation as we are, it’s time to bring some of that space love to your game space. We’ve designed three Starfield RGB keyboard themes that all owners of HyperX RGB mechanical keyboards can enjoy. Simply download the profiles you like the look of, import them into HyperX’s NGENUITY software, and you can light up your PC peripherals with Starfield-inspired RGB themes on your keyboard! All the images below were captured on the HyperX Alloy Elite 2 mechanical gaming keyboard.

Starfield RGB keyboard themes for NGENUITY

Starfield Stripes

Starfield RGB keyboard themes NGENUITY profiles

Our first Starfield RGB keyboard theme is a straightforward take on the four-colored stripes from Starfield’s promotional art. We’ve laid them horizontally across the center of the board, bordering them with a soft white on the top and bottom. For those lucky enough to have a keyboard with an RGB light bar and media keys like the Alloy Elite 2, we’ve also added a rolling wave of all four colors which travels across the top of the board.

Download the Starfield Stripes RGB keyboard NGENUITY profile here.

Cockpit Display

Starfield RGB keyboard profiles NGENUITY Themes

Our second RGB starfield theme takes the same colors, this time arriving in animated diagonal Wave effects inspired by the central pattern on the Starfield Xbox controller. Each pillar of color arrives one after the other before filtering upwards in unison. The central effect is bordered by a faded yellow above and below, with the same colors also applied in static Solid effects to the numpad and media keys. A final wave arrives across the light bar in sync with those on the main display, bringing a bleep of a retro-futuristic display.

Download the Cockpit Display RGB keyboard NGENUITY profile here.

Constellation Badge

Starfield NGENUITY keyboard themes RGB profiles

Our final Starfield RGB keyboard profile emulates the Constellation group’s iconic badge pattern. Enlist in their ranks by bringing rolling spheres of red, orange and yellow to your board. The pattern is topped by light and darker blues, with a Twilight effect bringing the twinkle of stars to the keys above. We’ve also added a wave of color to the numpad, representing the rumble of a passing ship.

Download the Constellation Badge RGB keyboard NGENUITY profile here.

You can check out more of our game-themed NGENUITY RGB keyboard profiles here including Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, Elden Ring, and more! Prefer to move with the seasons? You can find some of our seasonal RGB keyboard themes here.

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