September video games: The biggest releases of the month

Fire up the thrusters, because Starfield leads September's biggest video games.

Fall has officially thrown summer clean through the window of the past, but the blockbusters aren’t stopping any time soon. September’s video game releases are crammed full of gigantic digital adventures that’ll likely keep you occupied for months to come. Starfield leads the pack, but what else is on the way? Here are our picks for the biggest games of September 2023.


september games 2023 starfield - a figure in a space suit stands facing away before a snowy mountain. In the sky above a large ring planet is visible faintly
© Bethesda

Release date: September 6

You’d better hope you’ve wrapped up Tears of the Kingdom and Baldur’s Gate 3, because Bethesda is here with its next sprawling RPG. Only this time it’s set in space! In Starfield you’ll get to travel the galaxy, upgrade both your powers and your spaceship, and try to solve one of humanity’s greatest mysteries. It’s available already for those willing to pay for early access, but you can also jump in with a Game Pass subscription on PC and Xbox from September 6.

Mortal Kombat 1

september video games 2023 mortal kombat 1 - two figures fight. The lady on the right slices across the chest of a man on the right, with blood and magical blue sparks flying out of the impact
© NetherRealm

Release date: September 14

Like punching your friends into a bloody pulp? We mean digitally, you weirdos! Mortal Kombat 1 is NetherRealm’s next installment of the legendarily gruesome fighting game series. It’s a reboot of sorts, with the world remade by fire god Liu Kang (catch up on the full story here) and reshaped to change the roles of the core cast. Expect a new and involved story mode as well as fresh and worryingly detailed Fatalities.

Lies of P

september video games 2023 lies of p - a figure stands with a ringed sawblade weapon resting on their shoulder. They face away towards a large, looming hotel.
© Neowiz

Release date: September 19

If the wait for Elden Ring’s DLC is leaving you restless, Lies of P may be just the game to fill that dodge-rolling gap. Set in the Bell Epoque, it follows a sentient puppet (yes, called Pinnochio) which must battle through a world of automatons gone mad and human hunters. The setup sounds ridiculous, but as the demo showed there’s plenty of promise here for Soulsborne fans.

Payday 3

September video games 2023 payday 3 - four figures in masks point assault rifles to the right, with the one at the front shooting. Two police lie dead on the ground
© Starbreeze Studios

Release date: September 21

Carefully planned co-op heists are ready to be ruined all over again by your (or your teammates’) inadequate execution. Payday 3 brings tactical FPS subterfuge to the fore once more as you attempt to part New York’s bank vaults of their shiny, golden innards. But take care how you go about it. A mix of careful planning and luck will get you in, but one wrong move will leave you reliant on your gunplay to secure an exit against hordes of invading police and SWAT teams.

What September games are you looking forward to playing this month? If you're after some smaller games of note, check out our list of this month's underdog releases.

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