5 september video game underdogs to steal you away from Starfield

Puzzles, parties, and a plethora of cute cats!

Like Hawking radiation from a black hole, some of us will manage to escape Starfield’s mighty gravity this month. That leaves loads of room for more games to occupy the void left behind. If that sounds like you, then we have great news! September’s video game releases feature plenty of other attractions which look set for stardom on a smaller scale. So if you’ve already checked out the biggest releases of the month, here are the September video game underdogs you should check out next.

Hauma - A Detective Noir Story (PC)

September video game underdogs - Hauma- a comic book style page shows a character looking shocked as men with guns burst into a room behind her
© SenAm Games

Release date: September 11

Described as a “deduction visual novel” this Munich-set narrative follows a former detective who uncovers a conspiracy with tendrils stretching throughout the city’s upper society. The tale is realized with fantastically punchy comic-book visuals, is fully voiced, and promises to feature famous locations from the real-life city.

Witchfire (PC)

september video game underdogs witchfire - an enemy is a large suit of armor holds an old-fashioned gun while a spell goes off in the background
© The Astronauts

Release date: September 20

Equip forbidden magics and an arsenal of mighty guns in this grimdark first-person roguelite shooter. Hunt the witch of the Black Sea, taking down a mighty phantom army in the process. Witchfire’s development team boasts talent from classic shooters like Painkiller and Bulletstorm, so you can be sure that popping off spells and shells will deliver satisfaction. It’s arriving in early access on the Epic Games Store.

Party Animals (PC, Xbox)

september video game underdogs party animals - every animals fight on top of a submarine. A cat and dog clink to a missile launching while a rabbid chases another animal with a tennis racket
© Recreate Games

Release date: September 20

Have you been waiting for a new party game that’ll let you chaotically batter your friends? Party Animals is a physics-based fighter in which you and your pals get wade into comical scraps as puppies, rabbits, gorillas, and more. Think Gang Beasts but with far more weapons and even more ridiculous environments. Online and offline multiplayer is supported, so you can bonk your pals on the head with a tennis racket in person and at a distance.

Mineko’s Night Market (PC, PS5, Switch)

september video game underdogs minekos night market - a small girls stands before a large cat statue
© Meowza Games

Release date: September 26

Cat lovers, take note of this one. Mineko’s Night Market will let you celebrate Japanese culture and cute cats at the same time in a visually adorable narrative-driven social simulation game. A young girl called Mineko arrives on small, struggling island to discover sightings of the mysterious cat god Nikko. Take part in the village’s daily activities, join in the fun of festival cat races, and help revitalize the town as you investigate the the great mystery of its feline deity.

Cocoon (PC, PlayStation)

September video game underdogs cocoon - a small bug-like character carries an orb across a bridge, with a glowing ring of red light around it in a grey world
© Geometric Interactive

Release date: September 29

The next game from the lead designer of Limbo and Inside, Cocoon is an intriguing puzzle-adventure of worlds within worlds. Each level you explore exists as an orb carried on your protagonist’s back. You can dive inside or shift out to leap between worlds, harnessing the unique powers of each to solve puzzles and reach the dangerous guardians lurking at their cores.

What September games are you looking forward to playing? Check out the month’s major releases here.

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