The best-selling HyperX gear to gift this year

Looking for the perfect HyperX gift for someone this holiday season? Here's what always flies off the shelves.

If you know someone who appreciates the finer things in their gaming life, it can be hard to pick out the right bit of kit when it comes to buying them a gift. The perfect present can be found, however, and with minimal research. You don’t even have to know what DPI means, or how many kilohertz are good.

As long as you know they’re a fan of good quality gaming gear, or maybe even have a few pieces of HyperX kit already in their setup, you can’t go wrong with these tried and true crowd pleasers. So here’s the best-selling HyperX gear that will take all the guesswork out of your holiday gift buying this year.

HyperX best-selling gifts

A premium gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Alpha best-selling products gift guide
The HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a premium option for gamer immersion and competitive players. Its dual-chamber driver system gives clarity and bass without shaking the walls down. Honestly, it can be as much a gift for yourself if you want to get back some peace and quiet while they settle in for a lengthy Call of Duty multiplayer session

In-line audio controls allow for easy volume adjustment and mic muting, and the microphone itself is detachable if htey just want to enjoy some music. Crucially, the Cloud Alpha is compatible with PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as well as pretty much anything else with a 3.5mm port. So wherever they like to game, they can enjoy top-notch audio while they do it.

Get the HyperX Cloud Alpha through the store here.

A wireless headset for a cable-free life

hyperx best seller gift guide cloud III wireless
The HyperX Cloud III Wireless gaming headset.

Some people just don't want to be tied down. If that sounds like the gamer you're buying for, then a wireless headset is the way to go. Harking from HyperX's signature line of headsets, the Cloud II Wireless and Cloud III Wireless connect via 2.4GHz Wireless and are best-sellers for good reason. They deliver top-of-the-line audio and comfort paired with a long-lasting battery life.

The Cloud II Wireless is a long-time favorite, packaging in 53mm drivers into its durable aluminium frame, and with DTS: Headphone:X spatial audio on PC to up the immersion. If you don't mind spending a touch more, the Cloud III Wireless is the latest and greatest. It puts comfort at the forefront, with memory foam packed into the earcups and headband. They'll stay comfortable and be able to game longer without recharging thanks to up to 120 hours of battery life on a single charge. It also features an upgraded detachable microphone for higher-quality audio in games and online calls. The Cloud II Wireless is compatible with PC, PS5, and PS4 via USB-A dongle. The Cloud III Wireless is compatible with PC, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch thanks to its adaptable USB-A or USB-C dongle.

Get the Cloud II Wireless through the store here.

Get the Cloud III Wireless through the store here.

A beautiful microphone

The HyperX QuadCast S microphone.

If they don’t just want to sound good, then you can help your gamer gift recipient decorate their desk with an eye-catching microphone. The QuadCast S has a two-tone LED colorspace for customizing to their heart’s desire, as well as a professional-grade condenser microphone with multiple options for getting the best quality recording.

A built-in pop filter smooths out plosive sounds for broadcast-quality voice work, ideal for aspiring streamers, actors or musicians. Or just tidying up a PC setup thanks to its good looks and compact footprint, with the option to mount on a boom arm too.

Get the QuadCast S through the store here. 

A controller with all the extras

hyperx best selling gift guide clutch gladiate rgb controller
The HyperX Clutch Gladiate RGB controller.

If your gift recipient has a competitive spirit or just likes to show off, then we have the controller for them. The Clutch Gladiate RGB, compatible with both PC and Xbox, is a wired RGB controller that'll light up their gaming life both literally and metaphorically. The clear plastic shell allows tech-lovers to peer at the controllers innards as they work. RGB lights have been dotted around the design and can be swapped between three different effects and seven different colors.

Like you, though, the Clutch Gladiate RGB isn't just a looker! Officially licensed by Xbox, the pad features programmable rear buttosn and dual trigger locks. Both features are immensely useful for competitive players, letting them tailor the controller to the response and input they need for each game. Immersion gets a boost too thanks to dual rumble motors and impulse triggers with variable force feedback.

Get the Clutch Gladiate RGB through the store here.

A durable mechanical keyboard

Best-selling hyperx gift guide - the alloy origins core pbt keyboard
The HyperX Alloy Origins Core PBT mechanical keyboard.

Gaming can get intense, we know that all too well, and so do our regular buyers! The HyperX Alloy Origins Core PBT is a compact board that covers all bases elegantly. Satisfying mechanical switches? Check. Customizable RGB lighting? Yep. Durable PBT keys to withstand even the most ferocious tapping? You bet.

The Alloy Origins Core PBT is a tenkeyless model. That means it drops the numpad to become more portable and free up desk space while still delivering on functionality. Its RGB lights can be fully customized using HyperX's Ngenuity software – your gift recipient can even load up custom, game-themed profiles we've designed! Finally, there's those PBT keycaps. They offer a unique texture and increased level of durability, ensuring they'll be good to game with for countless sessions to come. If you want to add a dash of excitement to the gift, consider picking up some 3D-printed keycaps as an entertaining extra.

Get the HyperX Alloy Origins Core PBT through the store here.

To see the full list of HyperX best-selling products, head to this collection on the store! If you're after any more gift ideas for this year then check out our holiday gift guide hub for plenty of other inspiration for the festive season.

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