Wireless gaming gear holiday gift guide

The best wireless gaming headsets and mice to gift a special gamer this year.

Wireless gaming gear is one of the best gifts for the gamer who already has everything. An enthusiastic gamer will never be disappointed in a wireless option, even if it’s not replacing their existing keyboard, mouse or headset. The freedom is the point, and no one turns down freedom. 

So here’s some of the best wireless gaming gear that you can gift someone this year. Our wireless gaming gear gift guide 2023 includes headsets, mice, and more, with ideas to suit several budgets. And to check out a great range of HyperX wireless gear all in one place, check out this shop collection.

The best wireless gaming gear gifts 2023

Cloud III Wireless gaming headset

Wireless gaming gift guide 2023 - the Cloud III wireless rests on a desk in front of a gaming PC set up
The HyperX Cloud III Wireless gaming headset.

The latest and greatest in gaming headsets goes wireless. The HyperX Cloud III is the best gift option for a direct audio upgrade this year. The 2.4GHz wireless receiver supports both USB-A and USB-C, making the headset compatible with PC, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. PC players will also be able to enjoy DTS Headphone:X Spatial Audio for that extra boost to immersion and directional location.

The Cloud III is built with core gamers in mind. Up to 120 hours of battery life deliver unbroken entertainment, and memory foam in both the headband and ear cups allows for unparalleled comfort while gaming. It also includes an upgraded 10mm microphone that’ll keep their comms clear in games and even on work calls too. That communication is key when wireless technology lets you keep up the conversation from anywhere within your home.

Get the HyperX Cloud III Wireless from the store here.

Cloud(X) Stinger Core Wireless gaming headset

wireless gaming gift guide 2023 - the cloud stinger core wireless rests on a table next to a PS4 and a TV remote
The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless

Are you looking to gift a wireless gaming headset that lies a little closer to the entry-level end of the affordability scale? The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core (or CloudX Stinger Core for Xbox) is a brilliant choice for a first wireless headset. It offers all the satisfaction of cable-free audio without the premium price tag.

Lightweight and durable, the Cloud Stinger Core features steel sliders to adjust the headset for a comfortable fit. 40mm drivers with enhanced bass bring out the bombast of gaming, while the swivel-to-mute, noise-canceling microphone will let them deliver clear callouts when they’re needed. The CloudX Stinger Core also utilizes Windows Sonic spatial sound, optimized for the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

Get the Cloud Stinger Core Wireless for PS5-PS4 here.

Get the CloudX Stinger Core Wireless for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S here.

Get the Cloud Stinger Core Wireless + 7.1 Surround Sound for PC here. 

Pulsefire Haste 2 Wireless mouse

wireless gaming gift guide 2023 - the Pulsefire Haste 2 gaming mouse two models, one black and one white, are viewed from the side atop a mouse mat. There is a red background wall behind them
The Pulsefire Haste 2 Wireless gaming mouse in black and white.

What’s even better than a stellar sequel? One that goes wireless! This lightweight gaming mouse – weighing in at just 61g! – feels freer than ever with cables taken out of the picture. For FPS players, that’s the dream, allowing for smooth and swift mouse flicks to get that crosshair into position.

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2 has dual-mode connectivity, linking via a 2.4GHz wireless dongle or Bluetooth. That makes it both portable and versatile, a great choice for anyone needing to study at school or shift their setup to the office on the regular. There’s no need to sweat over battery life either; they’ll get up to 100 hours of satisfying clicks on a single charge.

Get the Pulsefire Haste 2 Wireless from the store here.

Cirro Buds Pro wireless earbuds

wireless gaming gift guide 2023 the cirro buds pro used by a smiling lady holding her phone up in front of her
The HyperX Cirro Buds Pro.

Perfect for the gamer that likes to hit gyms that don’t require Pokémon to fight in. The Cirro Buds Pro offer a great, lightweight Bluetooth option for gaming on the go or music on the move. You can sync them to pretty much anything which supports Bluetooth, including mobile, Nintendo Switch, and even some PCs. Just make sure to toggle on the low-latency Game Mode when it’s time to start playing. 

The Cirro Buds Pro have a combined battery life (including charging case) of 35 hours at full charge, meaning they’ll outlast even the toughest of training or gaming sessions. They also feature hybrid active noise cancellation, with two microphones on each earbud helping to reduce background distractions. Ideal for immersing yourself, but you can also switch on Ambient Sound Mode whenever you need to stay alert to your surroundings.

Get the Cirro Buds Pro from the store here.

There should be something in the wireless gaming gear gift guide to satisfy the gamer in your life looking to cut their tethers this year, but if you need any more inspiration, check out the rest of our gift guides here.

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