These winter RGB keyboard themes will warm your game space

Get into the holiday spirit with winter RGB keyboard themes for Ngenuity.

As the temperature dips and the days shorten, settling down for a cozy game or two gets all the more appealing. The colder months of the year are a great time to game, and if you’ve got a HyperX RGB mechanical keyboard, you can inject the essence of the holiday season directly into your game space with these winter RGB keyboard themes for Ngenuity.

Winter RGB keyboard themes for Ngenuity

If you like any of the winter RGB keyboard themes we’ve created, you can apply them to your own RGB mechanical keyboard easily. Just download the theme you want and import it as a new theme using HyperX’s Ngenuity software. Consider it an early Christmas present from us to you!

Candy Cane

winter rgb keyboard themes candy cane

Our first theme is inspired by the red, white and green of all the candy canes we’ll be crunching our way through this Christmas. Diagonal Solid effect stripes of alternating colors fill the core of the board, with a swipe effect of red and green passing from left to right across the bottom row and number keys. You can almost taste the sugar rush just by looking at it.

Download the Candy Cane winter RGB keyboard theme for Ngenuity here.


winter rgb keyboard themes ngenuity snowfall

Our next theme is an animated design for those who love to watch the gentle drift of snow against a dark night sky. Using a combination of winding Wave effects in bright white, we've created lines of snow which drift down your keyboard from top to bottom. It's a difficult effect to show through an image, so you'll need to try it for yourself to see it in action! But if you add this winter RGB keyboard theme, you can guarantee yourself a white Christmas.

Download the Snowfall winter RGB keyboard theme for Ngenuity here.


winter RGB keyboard themes bonfire design on a HyperX Alloy Elite 2

Feeling a touch chilly? Our final theme will add some fire under your fingertips by recreating a crackling bonfire across your keys. We've used layered Solid and Breathing effects to create a gently warming fire, with multiple Wave effects creating embers drifting gently into the air. It's the ideal winter RGB keyboard theme to equip when settling down for a cozy game on a cold night. Just remember to bring a hot chocolate and marshmallow or too.

Download the Bonfire winter RGB keyboard theme for Ngenuity here.

Want more seasonal RGB themes? Prepare for the arrival of spring with these themes, or grab one of our game-inspired designs, including profiles based on Starfield, Sonic, and more!

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