December video games: the 7 biggest releases of the month

Opening Pandora's box to find December's biggest video games.

The holidays are typically quiet for new releases, but that hasn’t stopped these exciting new titles from sneaking into our list of December video games. If you’re after something fresh to enjoy as the year comes to a close – especially if you’re a VR fan – then check out the seven biggest new games in December 2023 below.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

december video games the biggest releases of the month - a floating sinister woman in a red dress with a cage has open arms before a large cake-based land
© Square Enix

Release date: December 1

Platforms: Switch

Why bother fighting monsters when you could be raising your own army of them instead! In this spinoff Dragon Quest RPG you must recruit and fuse monsters to create more powerful minions as you strive to become Master of Monsterkind. Explore the different seasons and environments of the world as you capture and train monsters to serve you in turn-based battles.

SteamWorld Build

Release date: December 1

Platforms: PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

The SteamWorld franchise heads into city-building territory. Expanding your town and meeting your citizens aren’t the only concerns you’ll face in this steampunk Wild West landscape. The planet around you is dying, so you’ll need to excavate the land to discover the ancient buried secrets to interplanetary travel.

A Highland Song

december video games a highland song - a girl runs from left to right across a stone bridge in scenic green mountainous terrain
© Inkle

Release date: December 5

Platforms: PC, Switch

From the studio behind 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault comes a rhythm platforming game about navigating the Scottish highlands. Run, leap, and bouns across hills as Moira McKinnon, a young girl running away to the sea. The hills are far from safe, however, and Moira will need to find places to shelter from weather and reorient herself for the journey ahead.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

december biggest games avatar frontiers of pandora - the player holds their palms up non confrontationally as they approach a banshee flying creature
© Ubisoft

Release date: December 7

Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

Explore the planet of those popular gangly blue aliens in this open-world first-person action-adventure. It promises seriously impressive visuals to measure up to the universe’s cinematic outings. You play a Na’Vi kidnapped by a human corporation at a young age and trained to do their bidding. Returning to your homeworld you’ll have the chance to explore its bountiful nature, ride through the skies on a banshee, and defend the planet from your kidnappers.

Arizona Sunshine 2

Release date: December 7

Platforms: PC VR, PS VR2, Quest

Arizona Sunshine 2 is the long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular zombie-slaying VR titles to date. Face undead under the sweltering sun with a wide variety of hands-on weaponry including both guns and melee options. Solo players won’t be alone either thanks to the inclusion of Buddy, a canine companion more than capable of taking down zombies alongside you.

LEGO Bricktales VR

Release date: December 7

Platforms: Quest 2/3

Another treat for headset owners arriving late in the year is LEGO Bricktales. This augmented reality game allows you to bring brick-based landscapes to life in your living room. Design puzzle solutions brick by brick as you complete tasks in a wide variety of LEGO biomes.

Bulletstorm VR

December video games - Bulletstorm VR - the player shoots a minigun at a giant monster rampaging in a city
© Incuvo

Release date: December 14

Platforms: PC VR, Quest, PS VR2

People Can Fly’s over-the-top FPS gets a second lease of life this month thanks to a shift to virtual reality. Rack up high scores by performing stylish and creative kills using guns, kicks, explosives, and the environment. The Energy Leash is the weapon of choice in VR, letting you pull enemies up close or fling them into one another. Outrageous FPS fun, now in VR.

Are you looking forward to playing any other December video games? If you’re not fussed about grabbing the latest and greatest, be sure to check out our numerous holiday gift guides as we close in on the end of the year.

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