Affordable gaming-themed holiday gifts and stocking stuffers

How to spread the gaming love this holiday season without breaking the bank.

There's a whole lot more than battle passes raiding our bank balances right now, but that doesn't have to stop us from getting into the spirit of giving. Below, we’ve put together a list of affordable gaming holiday gifts to wrap up or pack into stockings of your family and friends. So if you're on a budget and need the perfect gift, we've got stocking stuffers under $50, $25 and $10 to suit every string-purse.

Gaming gifts under $10

Our aim for this affordable gaming-themed holiday gift guide was to cover a range of budgets, starting at the lower end for the cost-conscious gamer. We’ve ordered our suggestions roughly in terms of price, so scroll down to the price bracket you’re after and see what piques your interest!

Luxury Cloud headset cushions & replacement ear bud tips

HyperX Earbud replacements and ear cushions - HyperX Gifts under 10 dollars affordable gift guide
© HyperX

A luxurious pair of leatherette or velour ear cushions or replacement earbud tips can help spruce up a well-worn headset or pair of earbuds, making them feel brand new. Treat the HyperX fan in your life to something special at the bottom of their stocking this year. Check out all the potential holiday gifts you can get from HyperX for under $10 here.

Gaming gifts under $25

If you're looking for an easy place to find loads of great HyperX options in this price category, then check out this HyperX collection for gifts under $25.

Pulsefire Mat Mouse Pad

The HyperX Pulsefire Mat L with dimensions 400mm x 450mm x gaming gifts under 25 dollars, affordable gift guide for gamers
© HyperX

A gaming mouse is only as food as the surface you place it on. That makes a high-quality mouse pad like the HyperX Pulsefire Mat a great gift idea for any PC gamer interested in first-person shooters. The durable, anti-fray stitching helps mice glide across with ease and precision, while the anti-slip base ensures the pad will stay firmly in place. You can grab the large and medium sizes for under $20.

Get the Pulsefire Mat Mouse Pad from the HyperX Store here.

Coiled Cables

HyperX Coiled Cables, affordable gaming gift guide 2023
© HyperX

If you're buying for a fan of aethetics (or just want to improve the look of their space to save your own eyes) then HyperX Coiled Cables are just the gift you need. Available in eye-pleasing pastel colors, these combat cables reduce desk clutter and are compatible with most USB-C keyboards and devices. They're also highly durable, meaning they'll keep a gaming setup looking crisp and clean for many years to come.

Get Coiled Cables from the HyperX store here.

A gaming cookbook

Affordable gaming gift guide cookbook
© Bungie

Video games are no strangers to taunting us with delicious food, so it only makes sense that people would eventually turn to cooking the dishes from them. Our collection of gaming-themed cookbooks will sort you out with drinks and dishes based on Overwatch, Pokemon, and more. Check out our video game cookbook gift guide for the full range of options.

HyperX rubber or pudding keycaps

Affordable holiday gaming gift guide cheap
© HyperX

Purchasing for a PC gamer? If they’re rocking one of HyperX’s excellent RGB mechanical keyboards, then these pudding keycaps are the perfect way to add some extra polish to their setup. Available in black or white, the dual-layer, semi-translucent style brings a clean sense of playful vibrancy to the keyboard. If they prefer a textured feel under their fingers, then a set of rubber keycaps will ensure they never miss their inputs in the middle of a tense firefight.

Get the HyperX Pudding Keycaps from the store here.

Get the HyperX Rubber Keycaps from the store here.

HX3D keycaps

The Spooky keycaps set and Streamer key caps set. Affordable gaming gift guide 2023 HX3D keycaps
© HyperX

For a more exciting and characterful upgrade to their mechanical keyboard, take a look at HyperX's HX3D line of 3D-printed keycaps. These unique keyboard companions bring fun and functionality together. For a real 3D pop, check out bold options like the MapleStory Green Slime, Sally the Succulent, or the Count Cloud vampire bat. If they'd prefer practical keys that are still a lot of fun, take a look at the RPG Icon set  or FPS Utility Pack set. Buying for an up-and-coming streamer? This set of streaming hotkeys will help them run their shows like a pro.

The HX3D collection includes loads of great affordable gaming gift options, so check out the full HX3D collection page on the HyperX store here.

Amiibo and Amiibo cards

Affordable holiday gifts for gamers amiibo stocking stuffers
© Nintendo

Nintendo’s Amiibo line of quality figurines remains a brilliant choice for a cheaper holiday gift option. There’s a frankly staggering number listed on the Nintendo website’s line up, with plenty of third-party characters for those less Nintendo inclined folks you know. 

Alternatively, any Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan would be eager to receive a pack or two of Amiibo Cards. Thanks to the game's 2.0 update these randomized packs allow the owner to invite the included villagers to their cafe or even to the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

LEGO Mario expansion sets

Affordable gaming themed gifts and stocking stuffers lego mario set
© LEGO, Nintendo

LEGO’s Super Mario collection is gorgeous and an utter blast to play with. Unfortunately, it’s also really, really expensive. The Starter course will set you back at least $60, but if you know someone who already owns that, then several of the expansion packs can be picked up for a lot less. The Whomp's Lava Trouble set, Sumo Bro Topple Tower, and Boomer Bill Barrage packs are all more affordable options. For cheaper options, there are also character packs available as well as Mario Power-Up Packs. They’re great gifts for kids, and if Mario isn’t their style, LEGO Minecraft  or LEGO Sonic sets are also an option.

Gaming gifts under $50

For those with a little more spending power, the world really opens up to some brilliant gear from HyperX, including keyboards, mice, mousemats and charging stations. For a look at all the great options for HyperX gifts under $50 check out this handy collection.

HX3D headset accessories

HyperX Headset horn accessories on an orange background - affordable gaming gifts for under 50 dollars
© HyperX

HyperX's HX3D headset accessories are a fun way to add some personality and fashion to a gaming setup. Dragon wings, demon horns, bear ears, and even MapleStory spirits can be clipped onto certain HyperX headsets. Choose the type that fits their personality or gaming tastes best. Diablo IV fans? They'll want the horns, no question.

Check out the full HX3D collection here.

HyperX Chargeplay Quad 2 or ChargePlay Duo

affordable gaming gift guide chargeplay quad 2 and chargeplay duo
© HyperX

If you know a Nintendo Switch owner overflowing with Joy-Cons, the Chargeplay Quad 2 station is one of the most elegant ways to keep them powered up. Available via HyperX directly here, the Chargeplay Quad 2 is perfect for that one friend who never keeps their controllers topped up when you visit a game of Overcooked or Smash. No more excuses!

For PS5 owners, there's the ChargePlay Duo. This docking station will hold and power up two controllers at once, making sure their player two can always join the fun. The compact base is made to fit sleekly and securely next to your console or within arm's reach, holding the controllers firmly even when bumped.

Get the ChargePlay Quad 2 here.

Get the ChargePlay Duo PS5 here

A Cloud Stinger 2 Core or CloudX Stinger 2 Core gaming headest

The Cloud Stinger 2 Core headsets. Affordable gaming gifts and stocking stuffers 2023
© HyperX

A good headset doesn't have to break the bank. The Cloud Stinger 2 Core for PS5 and CloudX Stinger 2 Core for Xbox are brilliant entry-level gaming headsets available at an affordable price. The deliver crisp audio with enhanced bass in a lightweight frame that won't lead to discomfort. Both models come with easy-access audio controls like a built-in volume slider and swivel-to-mute microphone.

Get the Cloud Stinger 2 Core for PS5 here.

Get the CloudX Stinger 2 Core for Xbox here.

Pulsefire Mat RGB

The Pulsefire Mat RGB under a hyperx keyboard and microphone - affordable gaming gift guide 2023
© HyperX

RGB lovers want lights in as many places as possible, and there's no reason their mouse pad should be an exception! The Pulsefire Mat RGB is an XL-size pad encircled by an RGB light ring. Using HyperX's Ngenuity software, this can be customized with multiple lighting effects and themes, or even matched up to one of our game-inpired RGB keyboard themes! It features a cloth surface for precise, smooth mouse motions, and an anti-slip rubber base to ensure the pad (and everything on it) stays firmly in place while gaming.

Get the Pulsefire Mat RGB here.

Pulsefire Haste ultra-lightweight gaming mouse

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste - affordable gaming gifts under 50 2023 gift guide
© HyperX

If they already have a great mouse pad, then why not upgrade what goes on top of it? The Pulsefire Haste is an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse – it weighs just 59 grams! Built for elite gamers who want speed and precision, the Pulsefire Haste features a honeycomb shell to cut down on unwanted mass. The mouse sits atop pure virgin-grade PTFE skates for effortless motion, and it comes with grip tape for those with slippery fingers during intense online action. The Pixart 3335 sensor, combined with golden micro dustproof switches ensure any clicks are registered accurately. The downside? That means they'll only have themself to blame for any missed shots online.

Get the Pulsefire Haste here.

And that’s everything we’ve found for our affordable gaming-themed gifts and stocking stuffers, but if you’ve got any other ideas then please do share them in the comments below! And finally, click here to see our full list of holiday gift guides for 2023, so you needn’t worry about those last-minute panic buying sessions.

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