The Yogscast Jingle Jam charity bundle includes droves of quality games.

Dream Daddy, Drawful 2, Orcs Must Die 2, and more fill out this year's charity bundle.

Pick up the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2020 Bundle and you can score more than 35 games with a donation to charity.

After year of superb charitable causes in gaming, December has served up another mighty collection for gamers to invest in while donating to a good cause. The Yogscast Jingle Jam 2020 bundle allows and donors to pick between 12 different charities to support if they donate some money toward the £25 pack (~$34).

Yogscast jingle jam charity bundle 2020
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We’ll list the full collection of games, vouchers, and discounts below, but a few highlights include the entertaining and heartwarming visual novel Dream Daddy, party game Drawful 2, survival sim This War of Mine, co-op tower defence Orcs Must Die 2, and the laid-back Farming Simulator 2017. Put simply, there are genres of all interest included, as well as some bonuses and DLC content packs for other popular games. The Yogscast team are also streaming several of the games during the charity drive run time, so head over to their Twitch account if you want to see some of the included titles in action.

Provided you pay the minimum amount of £25, everything can be yours. Here’s the full list of included rewards:

  • Among Us - Random Pet Bundle
  • AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected
  • Brunch Club
  • Call of Duty Cold War 2020 CODE Pack
  • Car Mechanic Sim 2015
  • Cheap Golf
  • Colony Survival
  • Darksburg
  • Dead in Bermuda
  • Dicey Dungeons
  • Displate 42% Off Voucher
  • Don't Starve + Reign of Giants
  • Drawful 2
  • Dream Daddy
  • Element TD 2
  • Faeria
  • Farming Simulator 2017
  • Fishing Adventure
  • For The King
  • Fractured Minds
  • Orcs Must Die 2
  • Path of Exile "Demon King Portal" Cosmetic
  • Pixel Galaxy
  • Pox Nora Protectorate Starter Bundle
  • Prison Architect
  • Purrfect Date
  • Rise of Industry
  • Safety First
  • Shoppe Keep 1
  • Sokpop Season 6 Bundle
  • Starbound
  • Sunless Sea
  • Surgeon Simulator 2 Cosmetic Item
  • The Battle of Polytopia
  • This War of Mine
  • Tooth and Tail
  • Transistor
  • Waking
  • War for the Overworld + Yogscast Worker Skin
  • Windscape

If you’re interested in any of the games above, consider heading over to the bundle page and donating some money.

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