The DOOM Slayer is invading Fall Guys at some point soon

The Fall Guys and DOOM accounts have been flirting overtly about putting the slayer's suit on a bean.

A DOOM Slayer costume is on its way into Fall Guys if these overt teases are anything to go by. The Fall Guys Twitter account has been coyly suggesting that the helldemon destroyer pays a visit to beanland, resulting in what appears to be a very mismatched collaboration.

The pair of brand accounts have had an ongoing back and forth all day, but the unmistakeable outline of the DOOM Slayer's suit – helmet, shoulder-launcher and all – is clearly the sign of an incoming apocalypse.

This marks the latest in Fall Guys collaborative outfits, which have included Godzilla, a number of Valve games including Portal, and a bunch of other Devolver Digital games. The last is not surprising, as publisher should get first dibs on any cross-promotional action. Pulling in the heavy hitters like DOOM could pave the way for even more audacious outfits in the future. There's already been some playful teasing of a Cyberpunk crossover, or more likely a Witcher skin to spend your crowns on (not the Novigrad ones, the shiny floating ones).

Which game would you like to see an outfit in Fall Guys from? Which is your dream collab and cross-promotional crossover that will earn your hard-earned currency?


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