Hitman 3 gameplay trailer reveals new weapons and 'accidents' at your disposal

Hitman 3's DualSense and PS VR support detailed plus Agent 47's looking shinier than ever.

Hitman 3's latest gameplay trailer shows some of the weapons and environmental 'accidents' you can employ to get the job done once the game releases on January 20 next year.

Accompanying his new toys are some fancy upgrades for your own toys, as DualSense and PSVR support are also joining the party, letting you stand on the edge of the legally-distinct Burj Al-Ghazali skyscraper in Dubai (the Hitman world's tallest) and stare down at the ground from outside the penthouse windows.

The DualSense's adaptive triggers on PS5 will simulate recoil and kickback of weapons through haptic feedback tailored to each gun in the game. Automatic weapons will rapidly buzz back against your finger, while 47's gigantic sniper rifles might try and take your digits clear off.

If you are sniping then you'll also have to contend with the new Focus mechanic using the triggers to hold your breath before taking the final shot.

"One specific (and really cool!) example of our adaptive trigger support is how you activate the Focus effect that slows down the world around you with a sniper rifle," writes IO's communications manager Travis Barbour. "When you gently squeeze the R2 button, your finger will reach a tension point that will resist your pressure, and you’ll need to hold your finger against that tension point to activate the focus. When you’re ready to fire, push past that tension point and you’ll feel the “click” of the trigger as you fire the weapon. Boom. Headshot."

Of course there are plenty of standard weapons for you to set up for yourself and find throughout levels, but you can also be a bit more creative in the open-ended assassination simulator, chucking a bag of sugar at a guard for example.

Hitman 3 will take place in a number of different locations, including Dubai, a country manor in the British Countryside, and the neon-soaked streets of Chongqing. And while the focus is on the new game in the series, many of the enhancements it will enjoy from the use of IO's new Glacier engine will also make the leap back to Hitman 1 and 2, as those continue to be updated inline.

So even if you aren't heading out on the hunt with Hitman 3 on January 20, 2021, there should be something to look forward to in your double life as an assassin.


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