How to remove the virus from the chip in The Pickup

The eddies Militech gave you are buggy, but don't let that stop you.

Like its previous RPGs, CD Projekt Red has made Cyberpunk 2077 about player choices. The game gives you different options and leads to navigate your way through Night City, but it's up to you to decide how you will proceed. One such opportunity arrives during an Act 1 story quest called The Pickup. 

How to remove the virus from the chip in The Pickup

How to remove the virus from the chip in The Pickup © CD Projkt Red
 © CD Projekt Red

For this quest, fixer Dexter Deshawn has set V and Jackie on the trail of an extremely valuable (and dangerous) biochip. To get the chip, you also need to get a fancy schmancy combat robot called the Hammerhead to help you out. Dexter has already paid for the bot, which is now in the possession of the Maelstrom gang, but due to a recent coup, he's not sure their new leader Royce can be trusted. The fixer mentions that a Militech higher up is also desperately searching for the cargo the Hammerhead was being shipped with, and setting a meeting becomes an optional objective of the mission. 

If you choose to speak with the agent, one Meredith Stout, and manage to talk her down and explain yourself, you are presented with the option to take a credit chip from her to pay for the Hammerhead. It's pretty apparent there's an ulterior motive behind their generosity, so if you want to see what's actually up with the chip, open your menu and navigate to the Shards tab under the Journal. 

In the Other section, you'll find the Militech shard. It's encrypted, but that's no problem. Select the chip and then select the option above the encryption to bypass the chip's security. From here, it's just the usual sequence matching hacking mini game. If you succeed, the extra passengers Stout hid on the chip will be cleared and you can use the chip without fear of leading Stout and Militech to you. This opens more options for how to deal with Royce and the Maelstrom.

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