How to complete Killing in the Name in Cyberpunk 2077

Stuck on Kiliing in the Name? We're here to help!

Cyberpunk 2077's Night City is filled to the brim with side jobs, gigs, and random activities for V to complete. One of these is Killing in the Name. It's a scan-heavy side mission, and many players have been encountering a bug with it. Here's how to get through it.

How to complete Killing in the Name in Cyberpunk 2077

How to complete Killing in the Name in Cyberpunk 2077 © CD Projekt Red
© CD Projekt Red

After you complete the main story quest Transmission, Killing in the Name will appear in your journal as an optional side mission. To get it started, you will need to navigate to the website mentioned in the Bartmoss Collective message sent to your phone. Use the Net to head to the Bartmoss Collective website and look for a headline that says "Reward for any info on Swedenborg!" Once you've spotted that you should be prompted to call Bes Isis, aka Nancy.

Unfortunately, Nancy is a character that needs to be unlocked, which means you have some more work to do. Nancy is connected to Johnny's side of the story, so you'll have to have completed his Chippin' In side quest to continue Killing in the Name. Once she's accessible on your phone, call her to get the deets on Swedenborg. Nancy will proceed to mark an area on your map. That's your next stop.

Now, it's important to note that this section of the quest is where a lot of folks have been running into bugs. When you arrive at this location, be sure to create a save file before you do anything else, just in case something goes haywire. You should also do your best to let all of Johnny's lines run when he talks to you without interruption, and you should avoid interacting with any other NPCs, as both these factors have led to the quest bugging.

Scan the area, as the objective states, and you should encounter an extended fire escape you can use. Climb it, and jack into the router you'll find inside. This part of the quest has also been a bit buggy, so if the option to jack in isn't appearing, try quickhacking it instead. Don't forget, this will require you to have a cyberdeck installed! It may also help to switch back to the cybereye implant Vik gave you at the game's start.

Once you've successfully hacked the router, talk to Johnny about what you learned. Your next stop will be the Badlands to track the source of the signal you found. This is another scan -the-area section, but be careful because this time there will be enemies around. Deal with them as you see fit, then climb the ladder behind the trailer and hack this router too. Then it's back to Johnny to share what you found out. There's another signal to look for in the Badlands, so rinse and repeat. 

The final signal is back in Night City at the amusement park in Pacifica. Walk past the enemies you find dancing there and look for a fortune bot. Listen to what it has to say, talk to Johnny, then hack the bot. A message will appear after your hack succeeds. Read it and chat with Johnny. Afterwards you'll have to decide the bot's fate. Once that's taken care of, call Nancy to wrap everything up. 

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