Double jump vs charge jump in Cyberpunk 2077

What you need to know to choose between the double jump and charge jump in Cyberpunk 2077

In CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077, V is extremely customizable, and most of that customization comes in the form of cyberware. Literally from head to toe, you can kit V out with different implants that will enhance their body and change how you play. Through these enhancements, you can opt to improve V's jump in one of two ways: either a charged super jump or the staple double jump. We'll break down the differences between the two so you can decide which will be a better fit for how you play.

 Double Jump vs Charge Jump in Cyberpunk 2077

 Double Jump vs Charge Jump in Cyberpunk 2077 © CD Projekt Red
© CD Projekt Red

Your jump upgrade options come from two different pieces of cyberware, both leg related. To get the charge jump, you'll need Fortified Ankles, while the double jump upgrade requires Reinforced Tendons. 

With Fortified Ankles, your jump is essentially supercharged. By holding it, you're able to jump way higher than you normally would, higher than the double jump even. This does reduce your jump's overall maneuverability though, and it can't really be used effectively indoors. Fortified Ankles also reduces the fall damage you take, so it may be worthwhile if you're yeeting yourself around Night City.

Upgrading to the double jump with Reinforced Tendons will get you a mid-air jump you're probably more familiar with. While it doesn't increase the height of your jump nearly as much as the charge, it does increase your jump's length, making it easier to traverse gaps and ledges. That can make it much easier to take a stealthy approach to encounters, and to find all new ways to navigate Night City's largely vertical landscape. 

Which upgrade you should go for really depends on how you want to utilize your jumping ability and if you want to reduce your fall damage or not. It's up to you to decide how you want to play.

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