Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape guide

Here's everything you need to know to complete the Luhua Landscape quest in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is full of different side quests you can take on to gain rewards and power up your characters and equipment. One of these is Luhua Landscape. Here's everything you need to know about how to complete the quest and the rewards it grants.

Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape guide

Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape guide © miHoYo
 © miHoYo

Luhua Landscape is a World Quest in Genshin Impact: "Vermeer, an artist who is looking for inspirational material near Luhua Pool, seems to have hit a snag, and is looking for help…"

To start this quest you will need to head to Luhua Pool in Liyue and speak to the artist Vermeer. He will ask you to find the painting supplies he lost while he was out looking for inspiration. You will need to seek out the camps around the area that have good vantage points to find his missing brushes and paints. Once you have found both, return them to Vermeer and he will give you the next part of the quest. 

Upon your return, Vermeer will give you a strange rock and ask that you look in the surrounding pools for another one. The pools have glowing spots to indicate where you should search, but only one is the real deal. Once you find the actual stone you are looking for, return to Vermeer and hand it over to him. He will then tell you that the statue's' eyes in his artwork don't light up, primarily because they aren't there. Climb the statue to put the rocks you previously collected into the empty sockets of the statue's face. You can reach them from the statue's hands, shoulders, or the top of its head. Once they're in place properly, they will start to glow. 

With the eyes in place, the Geo marker on the ground will unlock. Hit it with a Geo attack to break it. This will summon three Abyss Mages: one ice, one fire, and one water. You will need to defeat them in 60 seconds or less. After these enemies have been taken care of, the ruins will open and you can go inside to gather your rewards. Inside are two Exquisite Chests and a Luxurious Chest whose contents add up to 30,000 Mora, 50 Primogems, 450 Adventure EXP, and two Hero's Wit. 

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