How to get cloth in Rust

Learn how to harvest or grow your own cloth when starting out in Rust.

Cloth is an essential resource in Rust, used in a huge range of crafting recipes. But if you’re just getting started in the game, you might not know how to get cloth and the best ways to harvest a lot of it. Well the good news is that in this guide we’ll teach you precisely that. If you’re jumping into rust for the first time or need a refresher, follow the steps below to learn how to get cloth in Rust.

How to get cloth in Rust

How to get cloth in rust
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Despite seeming like a man-made substance, you can’t craft cloth in Rust. Instead, you can get cloth in a couple of key ways: killing and butchering animals, or harvesting Hemp Fibers.

The first method requires a hatchet or similar tool. Once you’ve killed an animal, you should be able to hit the body with a hatchet to butcher the animal, obtaining a decent chunk of cloth as you go. Even a basic rock is capable of harvesting cloth from animals, though far less efficiently.

The simpler and more sustainable method to get cloth in Rust is from Hemp Fiber plants. These typically spawn in forest and desert domains, close to rivers and water, appearing as small green bushes as shown in the image below from Interacting with Hemp Fibers will reward you with 10 Cloth and 1 Hemp Seed if fully grown.

How to get cloth in rust hemp fibers
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Once you find some Hemp Fibers, you can work towards preparing your own cloth farm at your base. You can plant the Hemp Seed in the ground near your base, but it’s best to craft a Planter Box that can be placed inside your base. If the Hemp Seeds are planted outdoors, they’ll grow on their own, but if you leave them indoors then you’ll need to water them and provide a source of lighting. Set this up properly however and you’ll be sorted for cloth forever.

Finally, you can also get cloth in Rust by gathering up items and dumping them into one of the recyclers found around the map. Anything you throw in which contains cloth will give you a nice reward to use for your own crafting needs.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get cloth in Rust. You can use the resource to craft armor, medicine and some fuel, so make sure you know how to keep your stash topped up before you embark into the world. For another useful resource, click here to learn how to get stone in Rust.

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