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Japan’s Super Nintendo World theme park has been teasing us plenty over the last year, with images, details, and even a Shigeru-Miyamoto-led walkthrough of a few areas. And now with the park’s website officially live, you can take a personal tour through the different attractions.

Head over to the Super Nintendo World home page and you can scroll down to find yourself zooming between the park’s attractions, able to stop off at each to discover more about Bowser’s Mario Kart race challenge or Toad’s food hall. Naturally, the site is entirely in Japanese, but it’s possible to flip the language to English using the menu in the top right of the page (though Google Translate does a serviceable job of getting the gist across when it comes to Mario’s bacon & cheese burger or the inclusion of AR technology for the Mario Kart race).

Super Nintendo World website tour
© Nintendo, Universal Studios Japan

In addition to the attractions shown before, it looks like Super Nintendo World will include an area in which attendees attempt to infiltrate Bowser Jr.’s lair. By collecting keys through challenges across the park, players can take part in a final boss battle which sees them tossing fireballs his way while dodging bob-ombs. 

There are also further details available on the interactive elements provided using the Power-Up Bands and Universal Studios Japan mobile app. Attendees can use the wrist bands to interact with elements like POW and coin blocks to collect coins and items. Using the app, they’ll then be able to compare scores and progress with other friends they’ve attended. Naturally this will allow everyone to determine once and for all who the best real-life Mario is. Sorry everyone else, you're relegated to Luigis, or a Yellow Toad at best.

Super Nintendo World Japan is due to open February 4th in Japan, with special measures in place based on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It’s probably cruel of us to continue to tease ourselves with a park that we’re unlikely to be able to visit for a long, long while to come (if at all), but with more planned to open elsewhere in the world, it’s certainly exciting to see what we could eventually get to enjoy. If you are lucky enough to be in the area, tickets are now available to order via the website, though currently sales through travel agencies have been disabled.

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