Apex Legends Fight Night enters the ring with limited time boxing mode

Pathfinder's taking over the town with a boxing ring to prove who's the best at fisticuffs.

Apex Legends Fight Night Collection Event kicks off today with a new limited time melee-only brawl in Pathfinder's ring of doom.

The Pathfinder Town Takeover event forces you to forget about guns and put up your dukes as the undisputed king of grapple-punches hosts a boxing event. There's also an Airdrop Escalation mode with big loot drops, and 24 new cosmetics for you to earn.

Pathfinder's Town Takeover sticks everyone into a boxing ring on Olympus without their guns, abilities or grenades, so you can't complain about lucky loot draws. The ultimate test of skill.

Airdrop Escalation increases the number of supply drops bringing high-value loot to the ground, meaning you'll also have no chance to complain about people getting lucky loot draws.

Olympus isn't just receiving a boxing ring, however. Pathfinder's robotic buddies, the MRVN robots, will also be found dotted around the floating city, cleaning up your messes. And if you stop to show them the proper respect they deserve with a high five they'll drop you some loot. No good deed goes unrewarded, after all.

As for the Fight Night cosmetics, the big man of the hour is Gibraltar who has a new heirloom set, but there are plenty of 30s art deco/gangster/film noir-inspired designs for you to doll up and hit the crowds for the big fight.

Check out more of what's included in the Apex Legends Fight Night Collection Event on the main page


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