How to play the Among Us Sheriff mod

Forget voting, the Among Us Sheriff mod gives one vigilante the opportunity to strike back against the imposters.

Move over imposters, there’s a new sheriff in town! The latest game mode to find popularity in Among Us is the Sheriff mod or Vigilante mode which sees one innocent crewmate granted the power to take down evil. Or if they mess up, take care of themself. We’ve already broken down how the vigilante system works, but in this guide we’ll teach you how to play the Among Us Sheriff mod with your friends, so you can take scouting out those imposters into your own, risky hands.

How to play the Among Us Sheriff mod 

How to play the Among Us Sheriff mod vigilante
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As the name might suggest, the Among Us Sheriff mod isn’t an official, built-in mode for the game. Instead, you’ll need to download the files for the mod to set it up. Provided you’re playing on PC, we’ll take you through all the steps required to play the Among Us Sheriff mod below.

The Among Us Sheriff mod was created by Woodi and shared on GitHub. Click here to visit the GitHub page for the mod and scroll down until you see “Releases and Compatibility.” Click the Download link to download the files.

How to play the among us sheriff mod
Scroll down until you see the box shown above.

Next, you need to find and copy your Among Us install folder. If you’re playing the game through Steam, that should be under [steam/steamapps/common/Among Us] in your default storage drive. Create a copy of the Among Us folder and name it something different (Something like Among Us Sheriff mod might help you remember).

Now you can extract the contents of the Sheriff mod download into the newly created folder. Next, all you need to do is double click on Among Us.exe within the folder to launch your unique version of the game. By following this method you'll still be able to launch the regular version of Among Us through Steam, leaving both options available.

Everyone you want to play the Among Us Sheriff mod will also need to download the mod and follow the steps above, as you’ll all need the same game version to be able to join one another. Set up a custom game and join away! That's all you need to know about how to play the Among Us Sheriff mod, but make sure everyone playing knows how the new role works or they may find themselves unexpectedly dying without realizing why. Once you tire of the mod, simply delete the new folder you created and you'll be back to normal!

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